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Please find the attached file for this assignment.

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Please find the attached file for this assignment.
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Mecca Coffee Shop
Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Study Aim    1
Study Problem    2
Study Design    2
Study Data Collection Techniques    3
Qaltrics Survey Description    4
Target Audience Selection    4
Ethical Checklists    5
Result Interpretation Methods    5
References    6
Appendices    8
It is a proposal report that describes and justifies the decisions taken for determination of research design, data collection methods, sample selection, data analysis techniques evaluation, and ethical considerations preparation. Also, the researcher proposal discloses the Qualtrics Survey used in the research to collect supportive and required material to satisfy identified research objectives. The core focus of the research proposal is to explain the importance of customer relationship in today's scenario and evaluation of the negative and positive influence of customer relationships on the performance of different business houses. The research proposal also discloses the ethics checklist and research methodology utilized by the researcher to identify the answers to the proposed research questions. This study gives a unique direction to business houses through which they can understand why customer relationship has importance in today’s scenario.
Study Aim
It is observed that a study always starts with a particular aim that serves as a base and blueprint for the whole research study. The following heads disclose the study aim for which the researcher is performing significant efforts:
· The prior objective of the study is to interpret the importance of the customer relationship
· The next and final goal of the study is to discuss the negative and positive influence of the customer relationship on the performance of business houses of today's scenario.
The set of objectives as mentioned earlier tells the researcher what he or she needs to perform and what potential sources they can use to the satisfaction of closed questions.
Study Problem
In today’s scenario, it is anticipated that the customer relationship development is the foremost priority of each organization. It serves as a key planned strength that becomes the core factor of competitive advantage within the existing market. Apart from this, it is also necessary for today's organizations to maintain the proper communication to define objectives and goals of the business appropriate. There are a lot of coffee shops that are increasing their funds to offer the quality services and products to their potential customers from which they can create a healthy relationship with customers. There is a wide range of previous research studies that represents that an organization needs to spend high cost on customer attraction than maintaining the relationship with existing customers. Moreover, a large number of shops has been determined that they need to focus more on a long-term relationship with their customers rather than offering economically invaluable facilities.
Study Design
The study design represents the overall research process of a particular topic. Here, the researcher used different aspects to prepare the plan of its research in a well-organized context. At first, the researcher decided to use the pure research to identify answers to the defined set of research questions and satisfy identified research objectives (Alvesson, 2017). The researcher purpose behind the use of pure research is to support the study with well-suited information and fulfill the research aims accurately. The researcher avoids applied survey because the nature of...

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