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Please find the attached file for details.
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Sangeeta answered on Aug 06 2020
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In the given posting high emphasis has been laid upon the fact that planning within companies as well as motivation of human potential is considered as being an important factor in accomplishing the competitiveness and success of the corporation. The discussion post clearly highlights the need and significance of planning within companies. Effective planning concepts along with reward system could easily capture and incorporate all practices, services and departments of the company and integrate the company in general with all its fractions (Ro
ins and Coulter, 2004). The discussion post clearly states that planning unites the processes, methods and techniques and particularly all the employees with respect to the company’s objectives and means of accomplishing them (Kerestesova, 2010). The post clearly highlights the advantages associated with effective planning. It also clearly signifies various functions of planning.
However, even though the posting very well highlights the advantages as well as functions of planning, it does not highlight several strategies that can help the company to ensure that effective planning is in place. The entire planning effort could go waste in case the company fails to execute the planning process in an appropriate manner. They would attain the desired outcome. Additionally, the posting also does not throw light upon the different types of planning and their application. The writer could have also discussed about the planning process and involved steps that could be considered in the planning process. All this...

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