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Topic 1: Responding to a Disaster As the director of emergency services for the community located on the South Carolina coast, you have been preparing for a hurricane for the past several days. When...

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Topic 1: Responding to a Disaste
As the director of emergency services for the community located on the South Carolina coast, you have been preparing for a hu
icane for the past several days. When the hu
icane finally comes ashore, it does so as a category 4. Discuss how you will respond to this disaster. What resources would you call upon locally, at the state level, and at the federal level? Discuss at what point will you call for state and federal aid and under what legal authority would you be able to call for the federal aid to meet your response needs?
For our discussion, view a scenario of an emergency.
You are the emergency manager responsible for handling this emergency. List the steps you would take to respond to the initial calls being received. How would you assess initial damage and the areas of the city that are in most need? How would you address the problems that are likely to last for multiple days, e.g., a collapsed freeway with trapped citizens? Provide illustrative examples to support your position.
NB: Just to give you a hint because I don’t think the link will open to you. The scenario of an emergency is about an Earthquake that occu
ed. So just think about if an earthquake occurs, how will you response? To answer the question
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Shalini answered on Aug 25 2021
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The hu
icane noticed is a massive one and it must be included in catastrophic disaster. The catastrophic disasters come under serious one and need a proper look up of all the local, state and federal government. On the initial level the local and state government take an account of the disaster but on catastrophic level the federal help is needed as the local and state authorities also come under the influence of disaster. On the local level the relief work is upheld, the affected place need to be evacuated and the victims should be taken far away from the hu
icane region and state government give several guidelines and help for the victims. The local and expert volunteers came to support the victims. Federal help is required when the situation go beyond the control of local and state government. Federal emergency management act (FEMA) takes into in charge when the case goes to the federal government. And the government do all the needful by assigning the FEMA to take the charge of the situation (Habitat for Humanity, 2015)

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