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Topic 1: Response to Hurricane Katrina The response to Hurricane Katrina, by all standards, was a major failure of the federal, state, and local government’s emergency management systems. The...

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Topic 1: Response to Hu
icane Katrina
The response to Hu
icane Katrina, by all standards, was a major failure of the federal, state, and local government’s emergency management systems. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proved ineffective. Why do you believe that DHS and FEMA proved to be so ineffective in this disaster? Discuss the changes that have occu
ed since then to improve the emergency response to such disasters, and state whether or not you believe these changes will be effective in similar disasters.
NB: You can read my classmate assignment below to give you an understanding:
icane Katrina was a ho
ible natural disaster that took place in 2005. The Hu
icane was considered to be a category 5 tropical storm, that destroyed roughly $120 billion dollars’ worth of damage and tragically killing close to 1,200 people. The state of Louisiana suffered roughly 57% of the damage done by Hu
icane Katrina. A large portion of New Orleans was underwater for nearly two and a half weeks after the events from the Hu
icane. Still to this day hu
icane Katrina is considered to be one of the worst natural disasters that have occu
ed on American soil.
                    Government Organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had a rather troublesome time trying to deal with the disasters. I believe that both DHS and FEMA struggled to deal with the events due to a lack of communication. According to Whitley et al. (2006).
During the first few hours and days after landfall, we saw
eakdowns in communication within and among every level of government: between federal, state, and local officials; and, perhaps most critically, between government and the citizens of the affected areas. We saw an inability to establish with any certainty what was actually happening and to deploy the appropriate resources to deal with each situation. Many citizens in the Gulf Coast region and elsewhere in the United States may have lost confidence in the government's ability to respond to a catastrophic event (p. 3).
There are a lot of factors as to why there may have been a severe level of miscommunication. DHS was still relatively new at the time. I feel that with DHS being founded in 2002 and Hu
icane Katrina happening just a few years later, DHS may have been a little inexperienced. FEMA was underfunded at the time and couldn’t adequately respond as they should.
                 After Hu
icane Katrina took place, FEMA was issued power to help plan and utilize resources before a storm or natural disaster takes place. Which could hopefully prevent anything like Hu
icane Katrina from happening again. I believe that this will be beneficial to all states and their people because, it took the government days to respond to the people in New Orleans, being prepared by moving in supplies could help prevent infrastructure damage as well as cut down on casualties sustained from further natural disasters.  
Whitley, J., Coddington, K., & Koenig, G XXXXXXXXXXHomeland security after hu
icane katrina: Where do we go from here. Natural Resources & Environment, 20(4), 3-9.
Topic 2: Assessing Risks
You are the director of emergency services for your community and you are responsible for developing an emergency response plan. First, you must identify areas of risk by identifying those natural and technological hazards within your community. Describe how you would go about identifying these natural and technological hazards. How would you assess the potential risk to the community that these hazards present? Discuss ways that you would use to ensure these hazards are updated regularly or whenever they change.
NB:I do not think you need reference for Topic 2 because it your own idea.
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Topic 1: Reply to Hu
icane Katrina
Even though a decade has passed by scar from disaster of Hu
icane Katrina are still deep. Taking reference from (Kna
, R. D., Rhome, J. R., & Brown, D. P., 2005) the city New Orleans, is still recovering from the havoc that was leashed on them. In retrospect, if we can say that disaster of Katrina was much more man-made than it was natural. With a massive death toll of more than 1900 people, Katrina is considered as the third most lethal hu
icane in the history of US. This storm was known to the government and federal agencies however, they proved to be a monumental disappointment. Indeed, the response of government was so evidently incompetent that it allowed serious catastrophic problems to prevail. I want to draw your attention to the key federal failures that worsen this disaster. Primary federal authorities were not proactive in communicating the necessary details to the people along with inadequate training. With reference to (Apaza, C. R., 2009) government employees where confused in themselves and had varying degree of unfamiliarity with their roles. It is a known fact that there was tremendous confusions over the mission assignments, delegation, deployment, implementation of the plan as well as the command structure. Another reason why government agencies proved to be a major failure was because officials had no prior experience of managing disaster and underlying coping mechanisms
Four overall components added to the disappointments of Katrina:
1) Long haul admonitions went unnoticed and government authorities dismissed their obligations to get ready for an admonished fiasco;
2) Government authorities took inadequate activities or settled on helpless choices in the days preceding and after landfall;
3) Frameworks on which authorities depended to help their reaction endeavours fizzled
4) Government authorities at all levels...

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