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Identify the appropriate research questions Identify key search terms Search through electronic data to find required information to reach conclusions or make decisions Identify the appropriate...

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  1. Identify the appropriate research questions
  2. Identify key search terms
  3. Search through electronic data to find required information to reach conclusions or make decisions
  4. Identify the appropriate authoritative guidance in applicable financial reporting frameworks and auditing standards for the accounting issue being evaluated
  5. Devise and implement a plan of action appropriate for a given problem
  6. Apply professional skepticism, which is an attitude that includes a questioning mind and a critical assessment of information or evidence obtained
  7. Develop logical conclusions through the use of inductive and deductive reasoning
  8. Apply knowledge of professional standards and laws, as well as legal, ethical, and regulatory issues

Communicate Results of Research:

  1. Apply effective writing principles, including organization, clarity, and conciseness
  2. Prepare documents and presentations that are concise, accurate, and supportive of the subject matter
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Running Head: Goodwill amortization after acquisition    
Goodwill amortization after acquisition                                 7
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Research Problem    3
Research Question    3
Research Aim    4
Literature Review    4
Goodwill amortization    4
Regulations of Goodwill amortization as per FASB    5
Recommendation    5
Justification of research    6
Conclusion    6
Reference list    7
In the contemporary world of business finance and for preparing the financial statement for the firm, considering the goodwill valuation under one head to levy tax on it and understanding the value of amortized goodwill is important. Being a part of intangible assets under one head of fixed assets increases the value of company’s assets; however as per statement 142 of FASB such activity is restricted. As per the traditional concept of accounting at the time of merger and acquisition the value of entity’s goodwill get added up this lead to the increase in the
and name of the firm than its existing. With the end of following assignment one can able to understand the rules and regulation as per statement 142 of FASB for considering the goodwill value.          
Research Problem
Goodwill amortization after acquisition leads to the creation of improper financial statement thus affecting the firm’s ethical code of conduct. In addition to this this give rise to the issue of increasing the intangible assets value. Moreover, it has been noticed that due to this add up in the goodwill value leads to increase the value of price volatility of the firm’s trading product. Adding to this Hellman (2016), commented that this will ultimately affect the firm’s capital accumulation tools by affecting the potential shareholders.   
Research Question
Q1. What are the impacts of goodwill amortization on transparency of financial statement?
Q2. What is the impact of such goodwill amortization on the firm’s ethical code of conduct?
Q3. What are the
unts of goodwill amortization on the entity’s product price volatility?
Q4. What are the impacts of goodwill amortization on organization’s capital accumulation tools?
Q5. What are the mitigating measures that can be taken for resolving the issue arising from goodwill amortization?      
Research Aim
The primary aim of the research is to address...

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