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Please check the assignment provided to finish these one.

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Please check the assignment provided to finish these one.
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Akansha answered on May 22 2020
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Research Proposal
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Problem Statement and Research Objectives    3
Research Design    3
Data Collection    4
Qualtrics Survey    4
Sampling    5
Data Analysis    5
Ethical Considerations    5
References    7
Appendix    8
Qualtrics Survey    8
Structured Interview Tool:    13
Problem Statement and Research Objectives
The research examines the practices followed by Park Hyatt Sydney which help in increasing the economic development and productivity of the firms belonging to the hospitality industry. This study will help those businesses who are planning to start up in the hospitality industry to adopt good practices. This study identifies the challenges and issues faced by the hospitality industry in accomplishing their business objectives. This paper focuses on the hotel Park Hyatt which is also a part of this enormous hospitality industry offering accommodation, FnB to their customers. Further, the research questions developed are:
· What practices should be adopted to meet the changing requirements of customers from the hotel?
· What should be done to raise the quality of offered services and products?
· What strategies to adopt to retain and manage the workforce?
Research Design
Research design based on their purpose can be segregated into two categories namely pure or basic research and applied research. When we talk about pure research, it consists of the study that is exploratory by attributes and does not keep any end purpose or objective before starting the investigation. It is driven by the person's interest to inquire about something or to get knowledge about the variables. It forms a background for other researchers to be conducted in future (Keightley, 2010). While applied one can be defined as the research which is undertaken to solve some research problem or find the solution to the research questions identified in advance. This study is applied research because it is based on the objective of determining the successful practices adopted by Park Hyatt Sydney in developing economically and financially since its formation which will help other businesses to form better strategies in the hospitality industry.
Next comes the research design, exploratory or descriptive? Exploratory study helps in facilitating the decision making the procedure for management. It is generally utilized in marketing and business studies (Rutherford-Hemming and Lioce, 2015). It discovers various components and practices and does not only collect the data from different sources. While descriptive research includes bulk studies through which it gathers information to express it in numerical form and make inferences from the population of the study. It generally explains the processes of existing variables. The purpose of descriptive research is to investigate the opinions of individuals, their behaviours and responses. The cu
ent study in question is descriptive research which aims to examine management practices about its successful journey and customer perceptions and satisfaction levels of the organization.
A research methodology can be either quantitative, qualitative or mixed approach. When the information collected can be described in quantitative terms or numbers, it can be said to be a quantitative method of research. It helps in getting accurate and reliable data from research. Whereas qualitative research does not aim for the same (Neilson, 2011). Our study in focus is mixed approach research which will try to collect data from customers regarding their satisfaction levels about the company and the management of their strategies and practices adopted in the business.
Data Collection
Data collection can be defined as the process of collecting and calculating the data gathered for the variables of research in a systematic way, from which inferences could be made connecting the research objectives. There are two sources for data collection, i.e. primary source and secondary sources of information. Those sources which are being explored by the researcher for the first time are known as primary sources. These can be either qualitative or quantitative method for data collection. Whereas, a secondary source of data represents the published articles and journals, papers, websites, books, magazines etc. that describe a set of valid and credible sources (Etikan, 2017). This study is quantitative research which will utilize a primary source of...

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