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Assessment description and marking criteria. Assessment: STRATEGIC REPORT 3000 WORDS Devise a viable EMERGENT strategy for an organisation, which takes account of the reality of strategic decision...

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Assessment description and marking criteria.
Devise a viable EMERGENT strategy for an organisation, which takes account of the reality of strategic decision making and make appropriate recommendation.
Your strategic plan should be written in report style. Your audience is the management team
oard of the organisation. Your aim is to “provide the data and argument in support of a strategy for… [an] organisation” (Johnson et al., 2014, p. 521).
1. Cover Page
2. Contents/Index
3. Introduction to organisation and cu
ent challenge(s) – 15 points (approximately 600 words)
• Title and short paragraph introducing the organisation and the purpose of the work. Provide a “summary of the organisation’s cu
ent situation and the challenge it needs to overcome” (MacIntosh & McLean, 2015, p. 189).
• Include any existing purpose statements the organisation has (citing references). Discuss how the statements inform the challenge(s) of the selected organisation. Statements can be critically analysed.
• You do not have to address all statements – select those that are available for your organisation, or the most relevant. If no statements are available: Reflect on purpose based on other types of information (e.g., the ‘About us’ section of the organisation’s website; CEO/director’s interview, etc.).
4.Environmental analysis – 25 points (approx. 800 words)
• Macro trend analysis focused on explaining 3 PESTEL key drivers of change (based on level of impact), and what they represent in terms of opportunities and threats.
• Short explanation of 2 highly uncertain key drivers of change, followed by
ief scenario analysis (focused on outlining opportunities and threats).
• Industry analysis (choose 1 of the following analyses: 5 Forces, strategic groups, strategy canvas
lue oceans). The analysis should conclude with the identification of opportunities and threats for the organisation.
5. Capability analysis – 25 points (approx. 800 words)
• Identify strategic capabilities (choose 1 of the following frameworks: capabilities in the context of the value chain; or capabilities that link to critical success factors in the industry).
• Apply the VRIO criteria to any distinctive capabilities or to the value chain.
• Discuss the competitive implications of the above analysis, by providing a summary of strengths and weaknesses.
6. Proposed strategy and conclusion – 25 points (approx. 800 words)
Based on the SWOT that resulted from your previous analyses, consider the different strategic options that your selected organisation could adopt. These options will be either business-level strategies or corporate-level strategies (or a combination of both – it depends on your context).
- If you are suggesting changes in business strategy (look at Porter’s generic strategies or Faulkner & Bowman’s strategy clock), give examples of strategy elements and organisational requirements. You can also use the value chain framework to support your arguments.
- If you are suggesting new corporate strategy directions, you can use the following to build your argument: Porter’s ‘better-off’ test, economies of scope, transaction costs, and the costs of corporate complexity. You may also use the Ansoff matrix to show potential strategy directions, and comment on potential strategic methods (organic development, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances) if a diversification strategy is proposed.
Link back the proposed strategy to the content of the introduction. Does your strategy address the challenge(s) you identified? How does the proposed strategy exploit the opportunities in the environment and/or avoid the threats? How does the proposed strategy capitalise on the organisation’s strengths and/or avoid or remedy the weaknesses? Do the resources and competences cu
ently exist to implement the strategy effectively? If not, can these resources and competences be obtained, and how? Does the proposed strategy align with the purpose of the organisation?
7. Appendices
Appendices should be used sparingly. The detailed analyses (such as PESTLE and SWOT) should be included within the main body of the assignment. Tables, figures and diagrams are excluded from the word count.
If you do make use of any appendices, be sure to identify them with specific headings and to mention these in the actual report.
8. References
• Use Harvard Referencing style. This will count towards your Presentation marks.
Final notes
• Remember this is a practical assessment – you should use academic references to support your analyses and arguments, not to explain theories and models.
• The word limits for each section are a general guidance – you have some flexibility to adapt this as you see fit.
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Cadbury is one of the most recognised confectionary
ands globally. It has developed its own niche and specializes in offering quality products like beverages, chocolate as well as other confectionary to the customers located all across the world (Lopes, 2016). The organisation has strong heritage of 200 years in the business since its inception and witnessed several changes in its internal structure in order to remain relevant. It was owned by another company called Kraft foods but later acquired by MI, Mondelez International in the FY2010. Cadbury has strong global following of owing its exclusive markets with a foothold in more than 160 countries all across the world. Confectionary segment remains most self-indulgent category of snacks available to any consumer. Overall appeal for chocolates in different forms outstrips the cumulative demands for any other type of treat even after growing awareness about various health related issues with excessive consumption of chocolates. In fact, with this global pandemic, the sales for chocolates are slightly impacted leaving the major section of the sales at rising end since consumer always loved to purchase these products (Wadman, 2020). By the virtue of this report, I have performed extensive analysis on the company Cadbury, assessing the macro environment and comprehending the internal strength vis-a-vis challenges in the company.
Overview of Company
Cadbury, earlier refe
ed as Cadbury's, is a fully owned by Mondelez International making it a British multinational confectionary. After Mars, Cadbury comes as the second largest
and of confectionary. The international headquartered for Cadbury is in Ux
idge which is present in west London that operates in more than 50 countries globally. It is well-known for Creme Egg, Dairy Milk, Roses selection box and other products. It is recognised as one of the best-know British
and in FY2013 by the Daily Telegraph. The company was established in England, Birmingham in 1824 by John Cadbury. He was a quaker who used to sell tea, coffee as well as chocolate which could be drinkable. Furthermore, Cadbury developed the business with his
other Benjamin followed by generation George and Richard. The next generation further developed Bournville estate, a model village that is designed to offer employees upliftment in cu
ent living conditions. In the year 1905, Dairy Milk chocolate was developed which consumed higher proportion of milk within the recipe relative to the rival products. This product was one of the most successful products that in 1914, it had developed a sale of one of the best-selling products in the company.
Vision of the Company - "Working together in order to develop
ands that people love"
Mission of the Company - Cadbury equates to Quality which is the promise company makes with every product it offers. Organisation is built upon the fundamentals of customer orientation and quality as well as strive for consistent improvement that will make sure that promise is delivered.
ent Challenges
At present, the market position of Cadbury is amongst the upper echelon which is perhaps threatened by numerous challenges majority of which comes from the external environment of the business. There is tremendous pressure because of intense competition and shifting priorities of customers. Today, an average consumer is more aware about his health and well-being and which product to select in accordance to the ethical and moral standards. A customer is more concerned about how the operations of the business impact the environment and what is the organisation doing about the situation. How sustainable the business is on the ground and does it value customer relations beyond the bottom-line. All these aspects perhaps forms a big challenge for Cadbury to overcome such that they can survive the test of time and thrive in future.
Analysis of Environment
In order to comprehend the environment completely and understand what are the different forces that can impact the business, I have applied PESTLE framework. This is one of the most widely used to scan several macro-environment parameters that can influence as a threat or present as an opportunity for Cadbury.
Essentially, the overall purpose of applying PESTLE framework is to comprehend the potential threats and opportunity on Cadbury (Mastersion et al, 2017). Each of these parameter is carefully weighted with reference to the degree of risk or uncertainty in order to poses the organisation, its overall impact and therefore, the mitigation or action that can alleviate its impacts on the ground.
Political - There is a strong repercussion of UK Brexit on the trade, taxes on imports and exports as well as shortage of skilful workforce. Brexit also influence further because it impacts the overall market of talent, with high difference in wages and consistent rise of white-collar employees. These political factors impact the overall supply chain of the organisation either domestic or global overseas in any of these countries that are affected by this trade between UK and EU. Furthermore, there is proposed 'Sugar Tax' that is imposed on all the products that contain high sugar content in order to minimise the level of obesity in the populations. Cadbury requires to remain a
east of the different political dynamics between EU and UK. There are examples of lo
ying the government for excluding the confectionary snacks from the custom controls. After the Brexit the government concentrates more on 'Made in Britain' products and goods. Therefore, British consumers have more appetite for the British made products that could elevate the sales as well as consumer that can perceive the value of Cadbury.
Economic - There is rise in unemployment because of growing pandemic due to spread of deadly virus (Wearden, 2020). There is serious repercussion on business all across the world as well as radical change in ways of working. This may make Cadbury more of the luxury product instead of everyday use products. This may further minimise the consummation of Cadbury since the overall disposal income has reduced. In these tu
ulent times and uncertain economic dynamics, there is a tremendous pressure developed to minimise the stockpile specially because they are perishable. Cadbury needs to monitor the pricing of products regularly and develop strategies to maintain the overall profitability. Furthermore, it is expected to witness fall in the pound as a cu
ency because of rise of inflation since more expensive imports will impact the overall profit margin of the company. Hence, it is important to renegotiate the supply deals or enhanced pricing strategies in line with business rate and inflation.
Social - This era witness tremendous penetration of internet and rise of online shopping that is expected to consistently increase even after the COVID pandemic finishes. More consumer enjoys the flexibility to shop online more frequently than physically shopping from any retailers. This makes the sales predominantly online and giving a fresh platform for new entrant to compete with established
ands like Cadbury. This boosts the rivals to reach out to the customers with new value offerings. The...

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