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Persuasive evaluation of 750 words

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Table of Contents
Part 1: Memo Format    2
Synchronous Tools:    2
Advantages of Synchronous Communication Tools    3
Disadvantages of Synchronous Communication Tools    3
Asynchronous Tools    3
Advantages of Asynchronous Communication Tools    3
Disadvantages of Asynchronous Communication Tools    3
Recommendations for establishing Effective Virtual Teams and achieving them    4
Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation (Refer to the PowerPoint presentation attached)    4
Slide 1: Title Slide    4
Slide 2: Synchronous Communication Tools    4
Advantages:    4
Slide 3: Synchronous Communication Tools (contd)    4
Disadvantages:    4
Examples:    5
Slide 4: Asynchronous Communication Tools    5
Advantages:    5
Slide 5: Asynchronous Communication Tools (contd)    5
Disadvantages:    5
Examples:    5
Slide 6: Recommendations for Effective Virtual Teams    5
Slide 7: References    5
Slide 8: Thank you    5
References    6
Part 1: Memo Format
To: Marketing Director of the XYZ Company
From: ____________
Date: ____________
Subject: Key critical areas to be addressed when managing and leading virtual, along with recommendations for using proper asynchronous as well as synchronous communication tools in virtual team
With regards, it is informed you that the Sydney Headquarter is establishing new virtual marketing team, which will include the members from Mumbai, New York and Beijing. Time zone of these places is different, for which the members can communicate with the help of synchronous and asynchronous communication tools. This will help them to operate the team easily.
In view of Hennicker et al. (2016), the aim of forming a virtual team is to build a strong relationship between the team by building trust and association. On the other hand, Borup et al. (2015) stated that virtual team formation would help to increase the productivity.
The benefits of the tools are discussed below with their drawbacks:
Synchronous Tools:
As stated by Watts (2016), synchronous communication tool involves the teams so that they can communicate simultaneously. It is a real-time format of communication tool that helps members to communicate face-to-face and thus they can share their concerns in a collaborative way. This will help to reduce the gaps regarding time, place...

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