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Perspective: Marketing professional Propose a social media marketing project to your employer (or other community). Let us assume, that you were given a task to suggest, how social media could be used...

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Perspective: Marketing professional

Propose a social media marketing project to your employer (or other community). Let us assume, that you were given a task to suggest, how social media could be used to enhance the business of your employer. Search the material and apply the tips given by the social media marketing experts as a source of ideas to your social media marketing proposal. If you are presently not employed, you can propose a social media marketing project to LAUREA (for attracting new students to apply) or any community you are active with, e.g. a sport club or equivalent. Get together with your colleagues to discuss your proposal. Write a memo of the meeting to describe the conversation. What kind of comments did you get regarding your proposal?

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Soumi answered on Jul 28 2020
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Running Head: PROPOSAL & MEMO        1
PROPOSAL & MEMO             3
Table of Contents
Proposal    3
Memo    5
References    6
I am cu
ently working for a fashion clothing company in Australia. The company has been competing in the clothing industry for more than 10 years and has focused mainly on the offline traditional market. Despite providing value for money products and great quality, the company is lagging behind its competition and needs to change its marketing strategy through the use of social media. As supported by Colicev, Malshe, Pauwels and O’Connor (2018), use of social media is a technique that possesses less risk and maximum profit.
In order to gain profit from the use of social media for marketing, the fashion clothing company needs to focus on the following aspects.
Firstly, the company should focus on the media platforms and quality of advertising rather than the use of monetary resources. As affirmed by Simon and Tossan (2018), social media requires the investment in the initial buying cycle phase, therefore, monetary resource does not pose much importance in terms of marketing through social media. As social media caters the majority of active users available on the internet, the chosen company must make select the most relevant social media platform, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Selecting the right social media would make the company name more searched and would improve the search engine ranking, helping in reaching wider audience around the globe.
Secondly, the fashion clothing company must consider the significance of social proof. As stated by De Maio, Fenza, Gallo, Loia and Parente (2018), social proofs are media files that provide, audio-visual based description, benchmarking and reviewing certain products on fixed parameters of a particular genre. The company must upload videos that provide authentic information about the type, quality and comparative areas that propel it ahead of its competition. It has to be kept in mind that the advertisements of the social media platforms must provide transparency rather than artificial perfection. As comprehended by Tafesse and Wien (2018), use of transparency makes the users to share their honest opinion about a company, which makes the company more human and authentic, i
espective of its receiving of positive or negative feedbacks.
    Thirdly, the clothing
and should use proper social media marketing techniques that include the description of available services, company image, and social contribution, which eventually makes the company reputation high among the user of all demographic audiences. The company should not only promote its products, but also give accounts of its public events, sponsored aspects and work ethics, making it more acceptable to the social media users.
    Lastly, and most importantly, the company must interact with its live audiences, take note of the feedbacks and incorporate the feedbacks to the maximum possible level. Considering the feedback of the users online would give a feeling of relevance to the users and the users will naturally grow more inclined towards the company. In addition, if the company can incorporate and comment on the received feedbacks, both good and bad, it will be able to attract a lot of customers. The incorporation of the customer feedbacks, would not only improve the quality of the cloths sold by the company, would also increase the level of understanding the behavioural pattern of customer, buying the products.
Description of Conversation with Colleagues
After the completion of the proposal, I went to take the feedback of my colleagues, some of whom are not working in the clothing company anymore. I had three colleagues, George, Davis and Matt. George and Davis work with me, while Matt had left the company three months back.
After reading my proposal, George was very happy as he said that the company desperately needed to business online as in the cu
ent era of information technology, internet and social media are bound to improve the business manifold. He also said that the proposal could have been better if I would have provided a proposed budget for the company to go online.
My colleague, and close friend Davis, was a bit
about the proposal. He said that promoting business on social media would improve the demand as the product with reach a wider audience for consideration through internet, nevertheless, the organi
ation should have been asked to increase its production capacity to meet the increased demand. Davis, feared that increase in demand would not increase
etter employee salaries, rather it would increase workload, if new employees are not recruited.
Matt, who was the senior most among the four of us, pointed out that, the proposal could have been bette
if pointed out the potential danger of
usiness promotion on social media. He highlighted the fact that promotion of products online can gather negative and false feedback from rival companies, tainting the company image and
stealing of product design by others. Apart from

that he rate
d my proposal well-
structured and commendable.
Thank you,
Colicev, A., Malshe, A., Pauwels, K., & O’Connor, P. (2018). Improving Consumer Mindset Metrics and Shareholder Value Through Social Media: The Different Roles of Owned and Earned Media. Journal of Marketing, 82(1), 37-56.
De Maio, C., Fenza, G., Gallo, M., Loia, V., & Parente, M. (2018). Social media marketing through time‐aware collaborative filtering. Concu
ency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 30(1), e4098.
Simon, F., & Tossan, V. (2018). Does
and-consumer social sharing matter? A relational framework of customer engagement to
and-hosted social media. Journal of Business Research, 85, 175-184.
Tafesse, W., & Wien, A. (2018). Implementing social media marketing strategically: an empirical assessment. Journal of Marketing Management, 1-18.

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