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Perform a SWOT Analysis and a BCG Matrix Coca-Cola Complete Exercise 6A &...

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Perform a SWOT Analysis and a BCG Matrix Coca-Cola

Complete Exercise 6A & 6C


You will begin by creating a SWOT and a BCG matrix.


  • For the SWOT

    • Follow Steps 1-2 of the Learning Exercise 6A in your text. (Note: These are individual exercises and not a group exercise. This differs from your text.)

    • Then, prepare a SWOT Matrix for the Coca-Cola Company.

  • For the BCG (Learning Exercise 6C)

    • Use the information in the Learning Exercise in your text to prepare a BCG matrix for the Coca-Cola Company locating each division where you believe it represents its position relative to market share and growth.

  • When complete with both exercises (6A & 6C)

    • Write a short narrative (one page or less) of your key conclusions from:

      • (1) your SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company,

      • (2) your BCG work on the Coca-Cola Company. In addition, include your conclusions on the Coca-Cola Company as a result of its position in the BCG and the results of SWOT.

  • Make clear recommendations for the Coca-Cola Company based on integrating the work from the above models.

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Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola Company    3
SWOT Matrix for Coca-Cola Company    5
BCG Matrix Analysis for Coca-Cola Company    6
Key Conclusions and Recommendations    7
References    8
SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola Company
· Global Brand Recognition: Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized and valuable
ands globally, which gives it a strong competitive advantage.
· Diverse Product Portfolio: The company offers a wide range of beverage products, including ca
onated drinks, juices, water, sports drinks, and more, catering to various consumer preferences.
· Strong Distribution Network: Coca-Cola's extensive distribution network spans across the globe, enabling it to reach consumers in nearly every corner of the world efficiently.
· Marketing and Advertising: Coca-Cola's iconic marketing campaigns and advertising have established an emotional connection with consumers and significantly influenced consumer perception.
· Financial Resources: The company boasts substantial financial resources, which it can use for investments, acquisitions, and innovation.
· Health Concerns: Increasing health consciousness among consumers has led to a decline in sales of sugary beverages like cola, affecting the company's core product line.
· Dependence on Ca
onated Drinks: Coca-Cola heavily relies on ca
onated beverages, which face stiff competition from healthier alternatives like bottled water and natural juices.
· Negative Environmental Impact: The company has faced criticism for its environmental footprint, especially due to the extensive use of plastic bottles, leading to sustainability concerns (Sulistiani et al., 2020).
· Overseas Political and Economic Risks: Operating globally exposes Coca-Cola to political and economic instability in different markets, which can affect its operations and profitability.
· Declining Growth: The beverage industry is maturing, leading to slower growth rates and intensifying competition.
· Healthy Beverage Market: There is a growing demand for healthier beverage options. Coca-Cola can diversify its product offerings by introducing more low-sugar, low-calorie, and natural drinks.
· Bottled Water and Non-Ca

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