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Part A. Written Report In preparation for this assessment, you will need to read the following article: Gallo, A 2016, ‘A refresher on marketing myopia’, Harvard Business Review , viewed 6 February...

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Part A. Written Report

In preparation for this assessment, you will need to read the following article:

Gallo, A 2016, ‘A refresher on marketing myopia’,Harvard Business Review, viewed 6 February 2018,

According to the learning materials (Topic 2, p. 3), ‘the strategic marketing planning processneeds to include an analysis of marketing opportunities, selection of target markets, … development of marketing strategies, planning of marketing programs (the marketing mix), and management of the marketing effort (annual-plan control, profitability control, strategic control)’.

Identify an organisation with which you are familiar and which you believe undertakes effective strategic marketing planning. Explain which two or three of the above-mentioned components of strategic marketing planning are effectively conducted by that organisation, providing in-depth supporting reasoning. You should focus your analysis on just one product (physical good or service) or product range.

In your analysis, ensure you consider comments made in the article, ‘A Refresher on Marketing Myopia’, including the assertions (Gallo, p. 3) that many organisations ‘don’t spend enough time understanding what customers want or need’; that leaders need to ask themselves the following question: ‘What are we really doing for the customer?’; and that ‘successful companies focus on customer needs, not their own products and services, which can—and will—be replaced by competitive alternatives, either ones they make themselves or those produced by existing or potential competitors’.

Provide adequate information about your chosen organisation and product (physical good or service) or product range, so that the marker can assess your response appropriately. However, limit this information to about 100 words or less since it does not contribute directly to your marks. The company information does not contribute to your word count.

Part B. Oral Presentation

Having completed thewritten report(Part A), you are tasked with producing a PowerPoint slideshow presentation with a scriptand recorded narration that presents your analyses and the implications of your findings. For the purposes of this presentation, imagine you are a Marketing Manager delivering this presentation to the CEO of your identified organisation - perhaps before conducting a detailed discussion of your written report.

Your presentation should demonstrate your understanding of key aspects of the discussion topics in your written report, through your ability to apply relevant concepts/frameworks/models to your selected organisation- at a strategic level. Your presentation also should identify and analyse major implications for your selected organisation relating to the quality of its strategic marketing planning. Your PowerPoint slides should provide the basis for your oral presentation.

You don’t need to reference the literature in your PowerPoint slides unless you use verbatim content from any source. However, you shouldbrieflymention the sources of theory in youroralpresentation. (Of course, you should have provided appropriate references within your written report.)

A PowerPoint template is provided below for your presentation.

This assessment item has 2 components that must be submitted separately:

  • the PowerPoint presentation in the provided template (saved as a PDF with the audio script included in the slide notes)
  • the oral presentation,recorded and submitted via the learning portal.
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