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· However Saudi Arabia provides an example of underrepresentation in many aspects of its society; in many cases Saudi Arabia has absent women represented in some economic sectors (Shehde, 2010;...

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· However Saudi Arabia provides an example of unde
epresentation in many aspects of its society; in many cases Saudi Arabia has absent women represented in some economic sectors (Shehde, 2010; Alosaimi, 2014).
· Al-Amri XXXXXXXXXXconfirms that the number of divorce cases handled by courts across the country reached 53,675 in 2017 or 149 cases each day. Al-Amri has been investigating the reasons behind the growing divorce rate in the Kingdom over many years. Saudi and Gulf societies have changed considerably in recent years as a result of foreign influences and other factors, largely affecting social, cultural and economic norms.
· Al blehed XXXXXXXXXXemphases that the society and the culture are the most powerful tools to draw the laws of any country. Saudi society recently has a strong influence on the change of some laws like parents as consumers of schools dictate the terms of educational provision.
· As a result, the resistance has led the women of Saudi Arabia have entered 2018 with hope unlike ever before, for now they will be allowed greater freedom and perhaps play select sports and drive. These efforts to
ing gender parity are among a series of sweeping social and economic changes being orchestrated by the young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to
ing Saudi Arabia into a global leadership role in the 21st century (Jans, 2018).
· In this section, I will discuss the different forms of resistance as active resistance and passive resistance in both of the private and public spheres. Also, I will explain what are the best expected approaches that the women leaders would negotiates to get their own rights.
· The implications are that women will not have their rights handed to them without a struggle but rather must fight to obtain what in many cases are already rights which they officially are entitled to exercise.
· According to prophet Mohammed “Any woman who died and her husband satisfied about her, she entered the paradise”.
· women have to demand their rights, and never give up; they have to know very well it is one of their most basic rights.
· Such events can involve parents and the community and through such participant both the value of girls’ sports is recognized, and fears can be neutralized.
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Shanaaya answered on Aug 23 2020
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         It is important to note that Saudi Arabia can also provide an example with respect to the unde
epresentation that includes the various aspects in terms of defining the society; such as the cases related to the Saudi Arabia which shows that there are  absent women which can work towards the progressive economic sectors (Shehde, 2010; Alosaimi, 2014).
         Al-Amri (2017)reflected that there are also a number of divorce cases that requires to be handled with the court's methodology and understand the country dynamics which shows that there are 53,675 in 2017 or 149 cases each day. It was also determined by the scholar Al-Amri by going in-depth and researching with respect to the investigation that there are various decisions which shows the growing divorce rate which has penetrated within the Kingdom and progressive with respect to the years. Analyzing the Saudi and Gulf societies one needs to analyze the constant rate with respect to the recent years with respect to the foreign influences which are related to the factors that are reflected the social, cultural and economic norms.
         Al blehed (2014) has also determined that the society along with the progressive culture needs to work towards the powerful tools that are equivalent to the laws of any country. The reflective of the Saudi society that has shown that the influence with respect to the change towards the laws like parents such as the reflection to the consumers in terms of the school's evaluation of the educational provision.
         Due to this, there has also been progressive resistance which has evaluated that the women of Saudi Arabia can also enter in the year of 2018 to progress the hope and allowing the inclusion of the greater freedom along with the balance of the play select sports or can also drive. Such progressive efforts can also
ing in the gender parity which has been constantly changing due to the sweeping social and economic changes as highlighted and directed by...

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