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Overview This piece of assessment comprises of two components: (1) Opportunity analysis and (2) Marketing mix plan; which together form a complete Marketing Plan. For this reason, students are...

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This piece of assessment comprises of two components: (1) Opportunity analysis and (2) Marketing mix plan; which together form a complete Marketing Plan. For this reason, students are required to complete the Opportunity Analysis first and then following this, they will be required to complete the marketing mix plan.

The Opportunity Analysis and the Marketing Mix Plan are individual assessment tasks.

Both the opportunity analysis and marketing mix plan are due on different dates as detailed on the unit site.


The purpose of this assessment task is for students to demonstrate their understanding of the components and processes involved in a marketing plan. This is shown by completing a marketing plan for a particular scenario.

The marketing plan is divided into two sections as stated above. We have structured the marketing plan in this manner to enable students to receive feedback on their first submission (opportunity analysis) to build into their second submission (marketing mix plan).


Australian university students often find it difficult in their first year of studies. This is due to a range of factors including lack of knowledge of university procedures, lack of academic skills and lack of personal and family support.

You will create a tutoring service that will assist first-year university students as they transition in to their higher degree studies. Overall, the aims of the business are to increase academic results and personal wellbeing of first year university students across Australia. The tutoring service can be specific to one geographical area or all of Australia, can be offered online or face-to-face or a combination, can be specific to one type of student (eg. Mature age or international students) and you have a great degree of flexibility of how the service will be offered.

You have great scope here to choose:

· The business name, values, mission, branding, logo, slogan etc

· Exactly who their target market will be (first-year university students is your starting point, but this is quite broad. We will narrow this down in Assessment 3)

· What the new marketing mix for the business will look like (focus on the 4 P’s: product, price, place, promotion). We will write the marketing mix in Assessment 3. Further hints will be given in online classes.

While this may sound like a large, overwhelming task, we will discuss the marketing process in online classrooms, and apply the course learnings in your assessment.

Importantly, I will take you through each section of the marketing plan step-by-step in the online classes, and break it down for you in manageable chunks that you can complete each week.

Step 1: Opportunity Analysis (A2)

First you need to better understand the macro and micro issues affecting the marketplace. You will undertake research to find out what main issues students face when beginning university, which will assist you to develop the marketing mix that will provide the solution (value) to these students.

Don’t worry too much in this assignment about knowing what you will write for the marketing mix (4 P’s) – that’s assignment 3. Instead, make the focus of this task understanding the marketplace and your customer, so that you develop a solution that best suits their needs and wants.

You will undertake research using a variety of sources to identify the specific opportunity you will pursue in Assessment 3. There is no right or wrong answer here; every student will narrow the scope of focus down differently. For example, you may find during your research that Chinese students comprise the largest cohort of international students in Australia. You may choose to focus on assisting international students from China to better settle into their first year of Australian studies. Others may choose to focus on helping the specific issues mature age students face.

The research you undertake will largely be online research on websites and databases. This may include using Euromonitor (demonstration given in week 2 online classroom), reading Government reports on the education industry, and research on similar tutoring services (your competitors).

You can submit a draft of your assignment to the tutoring on demand service multiple times for feedback (please allow 24 hours. You can also ask questions during the online classes, email your tutor, and book in a telephone chat with your tutor.

You will submit your opportunity in your assignment by the due date, and you will receive feedback on how to improve your idea for Assignment 3 (A3).

Macro issues :

Decisions made in the marketplace that the organisation has little control over

Micro issues

Decisions made in the marketplace that the organisation has some control over.

§ Macro

§ Decisions made in the marketplace that the organisation has little control over

§ Micro

§ Decisions made in the marketplace that the organisation has some control over.

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MKT103 – Introduction to Marketing
Tutor: Sarah Kuhne
Study Period 3, 2019
Word count: 1650
Table of Contents
Introduction to the Company    3
Company Description and Problem Statement    3
Company Analysis    3
Market Situation    4
Market Overview    4
Macro Environment Analysis    4
Political Analysis    4
Economic Analysis    5
Social Analysis    5
Technological Analysis    5
Legal Analysis    6
Micro Environment Analysis    6
Competitor Analysis    6
Consumer Analysis    7
Collaborator Analysis    7
SWOT Analysis    7
Marketing Initiative and Goals    9
Reference List    10
Introduction to the Company
Company Description and Problem Statement
The name of the company is "EDU HUB" Australia and the main e
and of this tutorial organisation is to provide academic and as well as other additional wellbeing features for the first-year students of Australia university. The main purpose of "EDU HUB" is to provide all types of academic and non-academic assistance to the students of Australia University students.
As a new company, the company is bound to face several marketing among which the most serious marketing problems are a proper advertisement and targeting the proper students (Kong et al. 2016). It is so that the company attains good competitive advantages by offering differentiated services to the first-year students of Australia Student.
Company Analysis
Due to being a start-up company, several challenges are natural to be faced by "EDU HUB" Australia. In the section, the mission, vision, and types of employees that are important for the company to recruit will be mentioned.
Now coming to the mission of the company it is too important for the company to adopt mission plans like
· To establish personal relationships with the students beyond the academic relationship
· To establish as one of the potential tutorial company within domestic level first and then reach for globalisation
For the vision statement of the company, a company should induce the vision, as “our vision is to create a better student life for the students of Australia University”.
It is equally very urgent for the company to have the most talented staff including faculty members, official management staff, marketing officers, and HRM. These posts are imperative for this organisation. Now for the criteria of recruitment, it is important to recruit those staffs within this organisation that has:
· The candidates who have creativity, innovation, and always ready to accept new challenges as this is a start-up company, and all the employees are required to have enough faculties
· Additionally, for the advancement of this organisation, all the employees are required to have enough knowledge about the rules, regulations, and the academic contents of the University of Australia
· Finally, it is also important for the candidates to have honesty, integrity and above all, a loving nature for the students as they are new in the University and the main motive of "EDU HUB" is to help the students especially who are in their first year and help them for achieving a good academic result
Market Situation
Market Overview
The main target clients of this company are the students of the first years of the Australian University and the parents of the students also. The company needs to initiate counselling of the parents that this organisation will provide all sorts of academic and non-academic facilities to their wards like their guardians.
It is true that apart from “EDU HUB” there are also some tutorial institutions for the students of Australian University such as the Australian Tutoring Association and so on. However, as compared to the other companies the competitive advantage of "EDU HUB" Australia is more as this company is completely dedicated to the wellbeing of the first-year students both in academic and other than academic areas also. Another competitive marketing advantage is this organisation is dedicated to providing online services to the students so that it is not always required for them to attend offline lectures (Ayala & Manzano, 2018). However, if they intend they can attend the offline lectures.
Macro Environment Analysis
In this section, the PESTEL analysis of the market of Australia in case of the higher education will be analysed and in this regard, its impact on the market and the company will be analysed so that the company can attain a good competitive advantage.
Political Analysis
Political factors include governmental policies like the laws, taxation policies, budgets, and the other laws and the political factors of a country are directly dependent on the future of the business in that country (Rastogi &...

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