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Overview This assessment requires forming a group of four to five (4-5) students. Group is required to choose a product /service of their own, and develop a community engagement program like Milo....

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This assessment requires forming a group of four to five (4-5) students. Group is required to choose a product /service of their own, and develop a community engagement program like Milo.


Group presentation is two-fold. Firstly, a story needs to be constructed using Microsoft Movie Maker or I movie. Group should download this software which is free. This will enable group to construct a digital story. Group should take any form of visual image (for example: you tube, photo etc.). Group can also apply role playing by their own group members. This method substitutes written report. Therefore, there will be no report. Group will only present the digital story in the first session of the presentation.

Secondly, or in session 2, group should use PowerPoint/Prezi to present marketing strategies and ethical practice. Marketing strategies are restricted in segmentation/targeting, communication model, and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan. Group can select any particular product from a known organization, and then develop the plan accordingly. Further details will be given in class. In addition, group should present a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model to demonstrate the ways ethics will be conducted.

The group will be selected on Week 5. It is expected that each group should be highly engaged from week 5 in order to familiar with constructing digital story. Many sessions in tutorial class will be focused on learning Movie maker/I movie software. In Week 10, each group submits their digital story and presentation slides in an USB. The duration of the presentation is 20 minutes.

Framework: In-Class Presentation 25%

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Save the soul
Save the soul
Target Market
Integrated Communication Model
Message Strategy
Promotional Mixes
Corporate Social Responsibility [ CSR ]
Wrap Up
We see here, the number of disasters recorded in the time lapse of
20 years across the world counts up to 261 being the least
and 636 being the most ! With a damage of $1.8 Tr. in past decade
The world is undergoing changes with modernisation and human developments taking all over. The societies are transforming and this is leading to discomfort. The discomfort of nature leads to disasters and these are the levels of disasters that we are cu
ently facing now a days! The levels are ever increasing !
Natural disasters are not so ‘Natural’
Some natural disasters are caused without any human intervention, but experts now say that there is no such thing as ‘Natural Disaster’ .
Researchers specify 3 reasons, they are :
Natural disasters cause damage not only to the society, but to the su
oundings as well. But nowadays scientists and researchers believe that no disaster is a natural disaster.
There are 3 reasons for that , They are:
-We humans interfere with the Earth’s ecosystem
-It is us who mistreat nature and mismanage the natural systems
-It is we who encroach in the space for other species
Humanity Interferes with Earth’s Ecosystem
Mismanaging Natural Systems
Encroachment of Natural Space
Millennia's are the young owes who were born between 1982 and 2000
It is cu
ently 2018 and these Millennia's are now 18-36 years old.
They have a sense of rationale and have education which would help them to learn disaster management techniques
Young adults
Young adults are classified as people born after 2000
Hence these are now =<18 years
These are young one’s who are active, sporty, acquiring education
They have quick grasping power which helps to develop responsibilitys
A target market is a particular group of members or the communities of the society which are researched and the products and/or services are directly aimed at them. They are the potential customers for the product/service. In our case the target audience includes Millennial and the Young Adult section
Target audience     includes :
Children in school
Young adults
Millennial crowd in the population of the country
College going students
Educated + people lacking formal...

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