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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Discussion    3
Nagel’s deprivation theory    3
Theories of wellbeing    5
Problems with the versions of Deprivation Theory of Nagel    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
Death offers the end of life. Precise analysis of death provides a detailed view of the nature of life. Restoration of experience can help human beings to restore their living from the ending of life, which is death. With the making of a proper relationship with death and life, the harm that ends delivers can be defined. Discussion of this essay is based on the aspects of death. Within this context, the discussion part is offering various elements that are associated with the process of death. Therefore analysis which is presented in this essay will help in the delivery of clear understanding regarding the fact that death delivers a harmful impact to human beings.
Nagel’s deprivation theory
Through the overview of the deprivation theory, it is observed that Tomas Nagel is one of the first philosophers who articulate the deprivation theory. Within his theory, Nagel articulates that every human being in their world is immortal and for this death is permanent in the life of every human being. The presence of death in life is affecting the existence of a person and claiming of death is one of the necessary procedures for those people who died based on the fact of existence. According to his view death is one of the co
esponding provision for loss of human being. Death is not unfortunate for everyone who died for positive features, but it is te
ible for those who feature the desirability of the fact that it removes (Nagle and Fa
elly, 2018). In this aspect, Nagel defends that the death of the person who died for positive features is not as bad as that person is not facing any te
ible experience at the time of the process of dying. Positive characteristics of death also define that at the time of detaching process of that person, there is no presence of any person who experienced the enduring condition of death.
Nagel also argues that in many cases, death occurs the loss for a person or for the related members of that person. Death is offering its negative impact to that person in many cases when that person is deprived of some desirable aspects, and that defines the desire of that person to enjoy that desired thing if that person is not facing death. Within this context, it can be mentioned that in life, there is the presence of different aspects that are offering a powerful impact on the overall life cycle of human beings. There are various aspects that are offering its positive impact on the overall life of human beings, and that is also required for the performances of life activities (Davison, Nagel and Singh, 2017). Different aspects that are offering its positive impact on life and also required for leading cheerful life are such as perception, desire, activity and thought. Furthermore, the capacity of the willingness of a person is offering its practical impact in the betterment of life cycle or activities. Moreover, there is the presence of other facts that...

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