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ObjectivesThis assignment will help students to:2.1 Engage in informed observation and/or active participation in theatre2.2 Critically reflect on and share their own experience of observing and...

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This assignment will help students to:

2.1 Engage in informed observation and/or active participation in theatre

2.2 Critically reflect on and share their own experience of observing and engaging in theatre


Read your assigned play closely, Annotate your script or take notes based on the assignment prompts. You will submit your responses as a combination of written and visual images. Number each section with the corresponding prompt number. Each section should be at least a paragraph long if written. The visual response may be uploaded as a photo of a hard copy or a digital image.

What to Include

Complete each of the following prompts. Include your chosen part of the play, then include description and explanation to support your choice.

1. Favorite Line:Choose your favorite line in the play and briefly say why you like it. What
does this line contribute to the major themes that are explored?
2. Favorite Stage Moment:Decide on your favorite stage moment in the play and, making
sure that you give the evidence—explicit or embedded—for that staging, describe why it is
3. Favorite Character:Describe your favorite character from the play. Discuss the character’s
appearance, movement, objectives, and motivations.
4. World of the Play analysis:Discuss the world, its time/space structure, social interactions,
relationship to audience, etc.

5. Visual Response:Your visual response may be sketched, painted, or collaged and should
represent an image from the visual world of the play. Your response might be a costume or
stage design or response to the tone/mood of the play. It might also be a collage of
researched images from the time period or relevant images for the play.

6. Three discussion questionsfor the class.

The play isA Midsummer Night's Dream. Links to an external site.

For each part, wrtie about 100 words, and clear which it comes from

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Dipali answered on Nov 17 2023
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favorite line in play
Favorite Line:. "The course of true love never did run smooth." This sentence captures the tu
ulent essence of love and strikes a deep chord. Its succinctness belies its complexity, capturing the difficulties and complexities that come with love relationships. Shakespeare reveals the contradictory nature of love—its beauty entwined with hardships—in this passage. The conciseness acts as a potent reminder that, despite our desires for perfect love, there are frequently roadblocks and difficulties in real life. This idea, which runs through all of the interconnecting storylines in the play, is fundamental to its thematic analysis. It speaks to universal truths and makes us think about the complex and sometimes-tu
ulent path that love entails, which deepens our knowledge of interpersonal relationships.
2. Favorite Stage Moment:The scene where Puck inadvertently applies the love potion meant for Demetrius on Lysander's eyes is my favorite part of the play. This misapplication, which is rife with sarcasm and misidentification, sets off a chain reaction of hilarious mayhem throughout the play. The physical humor and the resulting misunderstanding among the characters serve as proof for...

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