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Objectives 40% XXXXXXXXXXwords ±10% (excluding front matter and reference list) This assessment task relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 5. Before starting this assessment read the...

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Objectives 40% XXXXXXXXXXwords ±10% (excluding front matter and reference list) This assessment task relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 5. Before starting this assessment read the marking criteria (below) and information about business report writing on the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) website (Choose the ‘Academic Communication’ door.) The course website also provides useful information in regard to the development of this assessment item. In particular, you must read the Assignment Writing Requirements document on the course website. This document outlines course specific assignment requirements in some detail. Purpose The primary purpose of this assessment task is to help students develop skills in the use of OM principles, theories and models in the analysis of the current operations at their place of employment. The assignment requires you to analyse the current situation, identify a key operational problem within the organisation, and develop a set of recommendations that, when implemented, will overcome the identified problems without creating new ones. In this assessment piece you are expected to provide a solution, recommendations and action plan. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to further develop analysis and problem identification and problem solving skills, as well as skills in presenting an argument for change within the framework of a business report. Description Assessment task 3 requires the writing of a business report. The report should explain what the current situation is, what problems are in evidence and how those problems should be addressed. As a business report it should be concise, accurate and actionable. At the same time, the report should be founded on appropriate Operations Management principles and theories, and be supported by appropriate evidence and discussion from relevant academic literature. Details The assessment item is based on a problem you have identified in your workplace. The objective of the project is to identify and analyse an operations management situation that can improved. You will need to put yourself in the role of a management professional who has been asked by the organisation to identify the nature of the problem(s), why or how the problem happened or evolved, and make recommendations that will resolve it. Your report should be marked ‘Commercial in Confidence’ and the organisation may be disguised if appropriate. A brief description of the project should be sent to the Course Coordinator for approval before proceeding with this assessment task. Task Your final report should demonstrate the following: 1. Description of the situation including how it affects the organisation. 2. A structured analysis of the perceived problem including a root cause analysis (the problem should be of some importance to the organisation). 3. How Operations Management concepts can be applied to the situation (including alternative solutions that might be appropriate). 4. Recommendations to resolve the problem along with an implementation plan for those recommendations (recommendations should emanate from the alternative solutions discussed in the theoretical section). To complete this task you may consult with managers and others within your organisation, but your report must be entirely your own work. The report should be a confidential report for the manager responsible (or your manager if appropriate), and be presented as a suitably professional document. It is expected that your discussion will refer to appropriate models and theories covered in this course, but your research should extend the theoretical discussion beyond the course material. The assessment criteria should give you a clear indication of what you need to include in this assignment. The report should include an effective introduction and conclusion; an executive summary of no more than one page to preface the report; and a table of contents to give guidance to the reader. A letter of transmittal should also be included. This assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of Operations Management concepts and utilisation of academic literature. Whilst you should AVOID using only textbooks, the prescribed textbook for the course must be cited in regard to broad operations management principles highlighted by the case. You are expected to present information and evidence from, and cite, at LEAST eight (8) relevant peer-reviewed, academic journal articles (minimum requirement). Refer to your recommended readings for examples of academic journals. While you can cite these articles, you must find at least eight (8) peer reviewed journal articles not listed in the course materials. The quality and number of citations will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the literature used to formulate your argument. Your marker is interested in the analysis that you have developed from YOUR review of the literature and how well you use the literature to respond to the topic. AVOID presenting a descriptive account ONLY of your readings. What is required in this assessment is a critical evaluation of the evidence in the workplace and the academic literature as it relates to the specific details of the situation.

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