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Week 7 Question 7.3. a) H&H Pizza is a small pizza shop operated by Mr Peter. H&H Pizza is surrounded by a couple of colleges in a market. What strategies should Peter use to strengthen his business...

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Week 7
Question 7.3. a) H&H Pizza is a small pizza shop operated by Mr Peter. H&H Pizza is su
ounded by a couple of colleges in a market. What strategies should Peter use to strengthen his business model? b) HARDA Limited is a manufacturer of a detergent. The company is looking to launch its new detergents in an established market. What strategies should HARDA use to strengthen his business model?
Week 8
Question 8.3. H&H is a small company where you are working as a manager. H&H holds a leading position in an em
yonic market. With the lowest cost structure, your company has a sixty per cent share of the market. Further, H&H has the most reliable and highest-valued products. Due to these reasons, your boss believes that the company’s future is ensured. You are required to write a memo to your boss outlining why the assumptions posed might be inco
Week 9
Question 9.3. Companies enter into strategic alliances with potential competitors in order to achieve a number of strategic objectives. Amongst these companies, what type of companies gain the most from entering into such alliances. Why?
Week 10
Question 10.2. a) There are some conditions where horizontal integration might not be consistent with the goal of profit-maximising. Discuss these conditions. b) Differentiate a company’s internal value chain and the industry value chain. And explain the relationship between vertical integration and the industry value chain?
10.3. Some value creation activities should be outsourced to independent suppliers. However, this outsourcing has some associated risks. Discuss these value creation activities and their related risks.
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International Strategic Management
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)    3
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MEMO    4
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)    6
Question 10.3.    6
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Question 7.3.
Although, the number of pizza lover is growing in market by passing days. However, business needs strong competitive business plan and marketing strategy to attract customers. The strategy should include both conventional ideas and innovative ways to market the business and earn significant outcomes. It will not only help to achieve sales in short term but also long-term growth. In this case, Mr. Peter can use different marketing strategy to strengthen his business model. Personalisation, it is in trend now a days, customer can add up the toppings whatever they want on their large and medium size pizza. Second is slice pizza, customer has multiple taste and preferences; it is a great promotional ideas for young crowd, who are looking for only slice not a whole pizza. Third and most effective strategy is online local listing. It means popping out in maximum-to-maximum search engines; this called hyper-local (Gerhardt, Joiner & Dittfurth, 2018). Whenever someone searches “pizza near me”, address, name, reviews and phone number of H & H would pop out.
A well laid out marketing plan can add blues to your product even if it is relevantly new in the market. First thing need to do in this case is running TV commercials, creating awareness about new launch. Use digital platforms, such as Facebook group and forums. Create a blog or join a forum that is also relate to detergent products. Target the specific group of people, whom company wants to sell its new product. Do not focus on the product and its features rather than focus product’s benefits to the target group. HARDA can also adopt method of the video campaigning, it influences customers more than text adverting. Show on that video how detergent is useful in customer’s daily life. Keep the video short, catchy and distinctive (Torchin, 2016). Last strategy that HARDA can use strategy of taking pre-orders; company surely would have some loyal customer base, who will buy anything before the launch. It is an effective strategy when planning new product launch.
Question 8.3.
TO: - CEO of H&H
FROM: - Mr. ABC (manager of H&H operation)
SUBJECT: - Need of structure changes in organisation
Restructuring in organisation is inevitable, even organisation is going well. External environment is uncontrollable and cause huge impact on working of the organisation. Hence, it is important to have some backup plan to reduce its effect on organisation. Yes, indeed our organisation is going great in cu
ent market but organisation needs to plan some strategy in order to sustain this position for long, which our organisation is lacking now. It will improve our operation; there are certainly things that could have done differently to improve our results. The company operational efficiency, customer and stakeholder service delivery, cost effectiveness, staff commitment and performance, to ensure the company new objectives can...

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