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Need to redo the task from the file, need 7 full pages + references. Assignment Guidelines First, you need to submit your working Rough Draft.This should be as close to a completed draft as you can...

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Need to redo the task from the file, need 7 full pages + references.

Assignment Guidelines

First, you need tosubmit your working Rough Draft.This should be as close to a completed draft as you can get it(i.e. 5-6 pages is insufficient). Your Rough Draft should meet the following, minimum requirements:

· MLA Format(this is really important. I will not accept a Rough Draft that has not been formatted correctly, so be sure you take the time to figure this out before it comes to me!) Please review the course material designed to help you format your paper this way!

· Introduction

· Revised body paragraphs from first draft(please be sure you have revised your first draft based on the feedback you've received. It is pointless to bring in a paper on which you have already received extensive feedback. You don't need more feedback on that, but new paragraphs you do!)

· New body paragraphs

· Conclusion

· Bibliography with at least 6 sources cited(Every source cited in the bibliography should also be referenced in-text. This does not count as part of your length)

Answered Same Day Aug 18, 2021


Shreyashi answered on Aug 19 2021
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The planet we live in is a huge one. But the resources it consists of are very limited. In today's date, when trillions and trillions of living beings reside on this planet, there is not a single creature who does not depend on the natural resources of this planet. Whenever we talk about sustainability and climate changes we think how we can make this planet a better one for the future generation. What we must also remember is that we share this planet with a huge number of other creatures as well, who, we also depend on for our own living. Although, what we are actually doing is that making them go homeless, killing them and harming the climate enough for them to go extinct. We often forget that we can not survive alone in this planet. If the other creatures, we share our planet with, go extinct the world will no longer survive and will be destroyed beyond repair. Let us discuss how.
The growth in fertilization rates have historically been connected with poverty, less education for women, inadequate availability of contraceptive, high child mortality etc. The rise in population is directly proportional to the magnitude of threat to our ecosystem. The more the population is, the faster the resources are used up. The world we live in is a huge one but it’s resources are limited. We, people, have been consuming these resources for thousands of year now. The depletion of natural resources after so many years is nothing to be shocked about. This is because we were mostly consumers all throughout our lives. Most of us have barely contributed anything to the welfare of nature. The unevenness in the distribution of natural resources also says a lot about the human tribe. The rich and the powerful keeps getting more and more and the extra that he gets is the portion of the poor or the less powerful section. Thus the rich gets more and more while the poor's portion keep on decreasing which directly links to poverty. Poverty leads to lack of education, inadequate availability of contraceptives and thus high child mortality rate. One things leads to another and the ultimate sufferer is the planet we reside in.
Moreover during the twentieth century environmental degradation has been a consequence of human efforts of a standard, sophisticated living style. Deforestation problem is a complex phenomenon with many different variables. Forest is an essential part of the earth’s ecosystem. (World) It covers about 30% of world’s land area, that is almost 4 billion hectares. According to National Geographic between 1990 – 2016 the forest loss was 502,000 square miles (about 130 million hectares) worldwide. (World) This is 3.25% of forest have been destroyed. Amazonian rainforest alone experienced 17% destruction (Nunez). Industrialization of developing countries, agriculture and logging are some of the factors that contribute to increase cutting the trees. World’s forest is a home for vast variety of species. About half of earth species, that are known, live in forests. From small insects to giant elephants. Humans directly depend on healthy sustainable forest, as it is source for wood, food and air. Forest serves the ecological functioning like storage of ca
on, nutrient cycling, and water and air purification and finally, it is a home of wildlife habitation. The planet was perfectly systematic in its early days. For instance we release ca
on dioxide and release oxygen. Whereas plants release oxygen and take up ca
on dioxide. It was a give and take process for every living being. But the sudden imbalance due to population rise and nature depletion, which caused solely because of the mistreatment of the human beings, is going to be one of the foremost reasons for the destruction of this planet. These are few ways in which the forest plays an important role. There is a need to acknowledge the damage deforestation can cause in a long term for humans as well as for earth as a whole. (Nowak, Hoehn, Crane) Human
eath about 11,000 litres (11 metric tons) of air per day, in which 19.5 – 23.5 % is oxygen. Total inhaled oxygen is on average 20% and during exhale is about 15%. Therefore, the total consumed oxygen is about 5%, which is 0.65 tons per day (240 tons annually). The study conducted by David Nowak on oxygen production by u
an trees in the United States showed that in selected cities (like New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia etc.) the net annual oxygen production ranges from 1,100 to 94,800 tons (Nowak, et al.) So, trees in u
an cities produce more than 4.5 times than human inhale. Despite...

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