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Need a podcast pitch, please see the full instructions in the attached file.

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Need a podcast pitch that will be 1 to no more than 2 pages long and outlined by these three
sections as follows:

1. COMPELLING TOPIC: The topic of the podcast pitch is on Donald Trump’s
presidency, the good and the bad as well as the impact he had as president on the United
States and the world. In doing so , t h i s p i t ch needs to provide some history to offer
more context and explain why this story is important to tell. This section should be 1-2

2. SECONDARY LITERATURE: Need to list books, journal articles, and news sources
that exist on this topic. It needs to have a combination of academic and popular literature
(so not only news sources). This can be a list, but it needs to provide full citation of the
sources, and there should be a minimum of 4 sources.

3. PRIMARY SOURCES: It might include archival newspaper articles, letters and
espondence, legal documents, and archival material about the topic. Look at online
archives, as well. Since this is a podcast, it needs to focus on archival audio. Need to look
at, Institute for Oral History (https: history/),
ary (https:
esearchL), Li
ary of Congress Digital
Collections (https: and more. Need to list at least 2 non-audio primary
sources and 2 audio sources.
Answered 5 days After Sep 06, 2023


Dipali answered on Sep 10 2023
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Table of contents
Podcast Pitch: "Trump's Legacy Unveiled"    3
Compelling Topic    3
Secondary Literature    3
Academic sources    4
Primary Sources    4
Non-Audio Primary Sources    4
Audio Primary Sources    5
Podcast Pitch: "Trump's Legacy Unveiled"
Compelling Topic
Join us as we explore the significant influence Donald Trump had on both the United States and the rest of the globe as we take you on a thrilling trip through the highs and lows of his administration. The podcast "Trump's Legacy Unveiled" explores the intricate fa
ic of the 45th President's administration and sheds light on the good, the bad, and the long-term effects. Because it deals with the development of American democracy, polarisation, and the lasting impact of a president who redefined what constitutes leadership, this na
ative must be told because it transcends politics.
We will examine policies, scandals, and their effects at crucial points in Trump's administration as we take listeners back in time with our podcast. We will also look at how his unusual approach to world affairs has affected people throughout the world. We want to offer a balanced perspective on a president that continues to influence the political...

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