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my major is flight operation my goal is be a pilot, motherships at United Airlines

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Professional Bio - Mento
This semester, as part of your Senior Capstone course, you will be required to be a peer mentor to one (possibly two) AVIA 1 students. 
Studies have shown that one of the most significant predictors of success is having a mentor. In the 2,3,4 (or more years) you have been at SJSU, you have learned a lot about how to succeed, how to overcome the sometimes daunting obstacles that have stood in your way, and hopefully had some fun along the way.  
Tim McGraw's song "Humble and Kind" has a line: ' When you get where you're goin', don't forget to turn back around and help the next one in line.'  This is your opportunity to 'turn back and help the next one in line.' You can read more about what this peer mentorship project will entail here.Links to an external site.
For now, all you need to do is write a short bio (including a headshot). The AVIA 01 students will read these and select who they would like to be there mentor. 
Please see the ru
ic for specific grading criteria.  As you write this bio, think about the things that make YOU stand out amongst your peers. What do you have to offer a mentee as a peer mentor?     Some things to think about:
· Personalize it: what are your ho
ies and interests outside your aviation accomplishments and activities? This is important as it can help you build a meaningful connection with your mentee.
· What are you hoping to provide as a mentor? Different students have different needs, and this will help them identify which of you will be a good fit. 
· What is your Aviation concentration (flight ops, pro flight, mgmt, mx mgmt), AND what are your long-term career goals? Did you switch concentrations? Many of you have long-term career goals that aren't specifically reflected in your graduating concentration.  
This bio can be modified later as part of your LinkedIn profile.
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Ayan answered on Feb 03 2024
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    My experience in flight operations at SJSU has been nothing short of thrilling throughout the years. I have overcome obstacles, flown through victories, and picked up priceless lessons in the process.
    My life is influenced by a variety of interests and pastimes outside of the cockpit. I firmly think that having a well-rounded life is beneficial, whether it be through hiking trails exploration or...

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