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Marketing Report 
Zeal Pet Treats
Exectuive summary
The competition in pet food manufacturing industry has become very fierce, and
ands such as Zeal Pet Treats are now finding it very difficult to sustain in the marketplace. A strong distribution network is the major strength of the company whereas it weakness is low
and awareness in the market such as Australia. The
and will be now focusing on ca
ying out aggressive marketing and promotion of pet products using different online and offline mediums. Premium and low price strategy will be used by the
and to attract the desired number of customers. Advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling and public relation are going to be the key component of the company’s overall promotional mix.
Marketing Situation    3
1. Company    3
2. Competitors    3
3. Macro-environment Analysis    3
3.1 Demographic Environment    3
3.2Cultural Environment    3
3.3 Natural Environment    4
3.4 Economic Environment    4
3.5 Political Environment    4
3.6 Technological Environment    4
4. SWOT Analysis    5
5. Objectives and Issues    5
6. Marketing Strategy    6
6.1 Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning (STDP)    6
6.2 Product Strategy    6
6.3 Price Strategy    6
6.4 Place Strategy    6
6.5 Promotion Strategy    7
6.6 Budget    7
6.7 Marketing Controls    8
6.8 Conclusion    8
References    9
Marketing Situation
1. Company
Zeal Pet Treats was founded in 1999 by Harjit Sidhu, and the vision of Harjit was to integrate holistic and sustainable approach within the company. The objective was to provide healthy food products for a pet to enhance their health and well-being (Zeal, about us, 2018). The selected business offers different types of treats for dogs and cats, and it is operating with a global network of distribution. The cu
ent product range of Zeal Pet Treats includes canned food for dogs, cats, soft dry food and wild caught dog and cat treats.
2. Competitors
The competition in the pet food manufacturing industry has become very intense, and at present, Zeal Pet Treats is facing tough competition from other
ands in the marketplace. Due to intense competition, the selected
and is now required to ca
y out changes in its products and services at regular intervals (Kotler, 2015). At the same time, it needs to develop and implement effective marketing strategies to attract customers and retain them in the long run. At present, Zeal Pet Treats is facing intense competition from
ands such as Ziwi Pet Food, Yummi Pet Products, K9 Natural, DentaStix and other pet treat or food providers in the country. To deal with this situation of fierce competition, the selected
and i.e. Zeal Pet Treats also emphasise on delivering high and the best quality food products for cats and dogs.
    Competitor Brand
    Ziwi Pet Food
    The company is home of healthy and 100% natural food for cats and dogs
    Medium price
    Natural food products
    Limited product ranges
    K9 Natural
    Food products for cats and dogs made from the most wholesome ingredients 
    High price
    Ingredient of the products
    Ineffective marketing practices
    Yummi Pet Products
    Supply high quality of cats and dogs food
    Competitive prices
    Souring of raw material from own farms
    High cost of operations
    Food offered by the company is very delicious
    Low price
    Aggressive use of social media and other online channels for marketing
    Low profit margins
3. Macro-environment Analysis
3.1 Demographic Environment
According to the data of 2017, the population of Australia is more than 23000000 and majority which 41% of the total population fall under the age group of 25-54 years of age. The population growth is 1.07% and 89.7% of the total population is u
an population (Australian Economy Profile, 2018). The country consists of different ethnic groups including Australian, English, Irish, Indian, Chinese, Scottish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Greek etc. Majority of the individuals in the total population are pet lovers.
3.2Cultural Environment
Regarding culture and population, Australia is considered as a diversified nation and its multicultural environment is reflected in areas which are a lifestyle, cultural practices and food. However, on Hofstede model of the cultural dimension, the country has a high score on a dimension which is individualism (Armstrong et al. 2015). It means that highly individualist culture is present within Australia and people in the country prefer to take care of themselves and their immediate family members.
3.3 Natural Environment
The country is the sixth largest nation in the entire world, and at the same time, it has sixth largest ocean te
itory in the world. Australia also has the most u
anised population, and the soil and sea in the country are considered as highly unproductive and poor in terms of nutrients (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). The nation is also termed as the driest inhabited continent across the entire globe. On the other side of this, it can be argued that the country is biologically very diverse.
3.4 Economic Environment
In the year 2017, the GDP of Australia was $1.235 trillion, and the rate of unemployment was 5.6%. The country has ca
ied export of $224.5 Billion, and its total imports were $215.4 Billion. The present economic environment of Australia can be termed as satisfactory because the economy is continuously growing and the nation has been able to maintain a low rate of unemployment from the past two decades (Chernev, 2018). The service sector in Australia is contributing more than 70% of the total GDP and it is considered...

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