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Mod 9 Assignment: Other Health Impairments Find some information about another health impairment which affect children (Birth through Age 21) that is not in any of our readings. Choose one you are...

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Mod 9 Assignment: Other Health Impairments
Find some information about another health impairment which affect children (Birth through Age 21) that is not in any of our readings. Choose one you are interested in for the age group you teach or plan to teach.  Then answer the following questions:
1) Name the health impairment
2) What ages does it affect? (If it's specific ages only, list these. If it can be any age, you can say "any age.")
3) Decribe the health impairment. What is it? How does it affect a person? What are the characteristics? (1 paragraph)
4) What are the causes? (1 paragraph)
5) How is it diagnosed? (1 paragraph)
6) What is the treatment? (1 paragraph)
7) List 2 accommodations that a student with this health impairment might need in your classroom or for school and tell why each would be needed. Make sure to focus on the characteristics of the OHI to describe why this accommodation might be needed. (NEEDS 2 ACCOMODATION HERE; THERE’S A LINK BELOW FOR ACCOMODATION) It needs to be a classroom or school accom.
8) Cite the resource(s) where you obtained this information in apa format. 
Make sure all information is in your own words and paraphrased-no quotes or citations within the assignment. Remember that is is medical facts-which are considered common knowledge and do not need to be cited within the text because you are paraprasing the informaiton. Only put the citation in #8.
*Accomodation for student with physical disability/ impairments: http:
*Types of Physical Disabilities
There are 2 major groups of physical disabilities: neuromotor impairments and muscula
skeletal conditions.
Neuromotor impairments are when the central nervous system is impaired-that means the spinal chord and the
ain. These are the parts of the body which send signals to the rest of the body. If one or both are damaged then an impairment will occur.
skeletal conditions are when the the muscles or limbs themselves are impaired.
For example, if a child loses the ability to control the muscles on the right side of their body, it would be a neuromotor impairment if the nerves which provide the pathway for the impulses to move the muscles are damaged. It would be a muscula
skeletal condition if the muscles on the right side of the body were damaged and could not move-even with the nerves providing the proper impulses.
See the difference?
The readings below will target the major childhood nueromotor impairments: Cere
al Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, seizure disorders, an spina bifida.
You can choose any impairments above or you can choose your own. Remember it needs to be birth- age 21
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Other health Impairments:
These are the individuals who are born with certain disabilities which may either be neuromotor impairment or orthopaedic impairment. Due to this reason the individual may have fatigue, mobility issues, muscle weakness, coordination difficulties, ability to concentrate for short durations only etc.( Refer https
Neuromotor Impairment:
This is a disorder which happens due to the damage either spinal cord or the
ain and can affect the person to perform certain basic tasks. Here we will under the impairment “Cere
al palsy” in detail.
al Palsy, its affect and characteristics:
This impairment can be seen in individuals between three months to 2 years, in other words in toddler stage of one’s life. This is a permanent disorder which affect the normal movement of various areas of the body. It varies from degree to degree with different individuals and stays on for whole life unfortunately. This affects the muscle development, movements, balance and often leads to rigidity in the body joints and causes in voluntary movements and unsteady walking postures. This is mainly due to the damage in certain part of the
ain or abnormal
ain development in the individual. Due to this disorder an individual face difficulty in controlling their balance, movement and find it difficult to even hold pen or pencil in hand while writing and holding books in hands. In certain cases,...

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