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Microsoft Word - AIA300 Assignment 1.docx AIA300 Australia’s Asia Assignment 1 Research and Writing Exercise Length: 1000 words Date Due: Friday 10 August Weighting: 25% Edward Said’s concept of...

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Microsoft Word - AIA300 Assignment 1.docx
AIA300 Australia’s Asia
Assignment 1
Research and Writing Exercise

Length: 1000 words
Date Due: Friday 10 August
Weighting: 25%

Edward Said’s concept of Orientalism is the key theoretical framework for this unit. Drawing on Said’s
Orientalism XXXXXXXXXXand at least 4 other secondary sources, write an essay that explains and
analyses the concept of Orientalism. Your essay must include:
• an explanation of the concept of Orientalism; and
• a discussion of the relevance of the concept of Orientalism for understanding Australia’s
elationships and engagements with Asia.

You will find a starting-point for relevant secondary sources in the list of References and Further
Readings in the Topic 1 Study Guide (Introduction: Australia, Asia, Orientalism). Please reference
your work co
ectly, using either Oxford or Harvard referencing style. The criteria of assessment are
elow. Essays must be submitted through Cloud Deakin. Requests for extensions should be directed
to the Unit Chair.

Criteria High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass
Fail and Needs
Address all parts of the
Question is well and fully
addressed with
significant insight.
Question is well
addressed with
some insight.
Question is
addressed, but
more was needed.
Question is
eferenced but
addressed only
Essay question is not
fully addressed.
Analysis of Orientalism
Analysis of Orientalism
has significant depth and
Analysis of
Orientalism has
some depth and
Analysis of
Orientalism is
analysed; there is
The concept of
Orientalism is not
well understood
and/or analysis is
and Clear Structure
Essay is well structured
with a clear logic and
each point sequenced in
a progressive way.
Essay is well
structured with a
logical sequencing
of points.
Essay has a
structure, but could
e improved.
Essay has an
structure/is well
structured in
Essay is poorly
structured and/or
without a clear
sequencing of points.
Quality of Writing
Essay has excellent
grammar with accurate
spelling and eloquent
Essay has very
good grammar
with sound
spelling and
Essay has good
grammar with
easonable spelling
and expression, but
some improvements
Essay writing is
adequate but
Essay is not well
written with poor
grammar and/or
spelling and/or
Presentation and
Exceptional presentation
with accurate referencing
of sources.
High quality
presentation with
strong referencing.
Solid presentation
with reasonable
presentation and
Poor presentation
and/or inadequate
Overall Score Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

Edward Said drew heavily on Michel Foucault's ideas of 'discourse' to build a three strand argument about 'Orientalism.' Very
iefly, the three strands (or discourses within the meta-discourse of Orientalism) are:
1) The academic study of ‘the Orient’, predicated on assumptions of 'Western' superiority. In Australia's experience we might think about historical efforts to 'know Asia', which Said (and others) might regard as thought-limiting and needlessly simplistic.     
2) Related to this is a system of thought, a Euro-American habit of regarding the 'East' and 'West', (or 'Asia' and the 'West') as existing separately, in a simple, unproblematic, binaristic relationship, not as a Euro-Americo-centric, self-perpetuating (and self-aggrandising) cultural construct in which the 'West' assumes that the 'Orient' is an homogeneous 'other'. Again, thought limiting and needlessly simplistic.      
2) The third strand is the behaviours that derive from the above ways of thinking, which seem to justify “dominating, restructuring and having authority over the Orient” such as Euro-American colonialism, imperialism, neo-imperialism, arguably also military interventions, aid distribution and many of the economic and cultural practices of globalisation (i.e. US tech companies and China) - all that sort of thing.       
Put these together and it would seem that Orientalism offers clues about Australians' past and present responses and engagements with Asia. I'm sure you can think of a dozen examples! Since colonisation (but notably, not before) Australians have behaved in ways that assume Asia to be ‘the other’, they have displayed a sense of superiority in ‘knowing’ Asia, and made assumptions about Australia’s place in Asia. Orientalism was written in the 1970s and the world has changed considerably since then, however, much of what Said wrote still rings true but is now embedded in globalisation.
Oh and it could also be worth thinking about Asia's responses to the practices of Orientlsism? In general it has not been, as might be expected, to reject the flawed ideology of an “absolute demarcation between East and West”, but to reclaim 'Asianness' as a rallying cry to self-determination (and sometimes a justification for rejecting processes of liberal democratisation). So I guess that means we're stuck with it!
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Kuldeep answered on Aug 08 2020
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Concept of Orientalism
Concept of Orientalism    August 8    2018    
In this essay concept of Orientalism has been widely discussed. According to the researchers, due to the uniqueness of this concept, the essence of the Orient has invites the imagination (Behdad, 1994). Orientalism can be regarded as a positive concept, and it sets a great importance to the role of Eastern or Orient nature in the life and development of the West. The history of Chinese dynasties is directly related to the history of the Roman Empire and the establishment of Orientalism as an ideology. American Orientalist has participated in research and analysis in the Orient. According to Said, Orientalism requires a specific understanding of people, places, and civilizations. The concept of Orientalism can be seen as a controversial concept with different definitions (Clifford and Said, 1980). First, the term “Orientalism” is defined as “an ideology, a prejudice that supports Europe’s superiority over the East, thereby explicitly or implicitly legitimizing imperialism and colonialism, and exploitation is considered cultural or ethnic inferior to a dominant culture. Researchers believe that the ideology of Orientalism may impose certain restrictions on how Europeans think about the Orient nature. Therefore, the Orientalist ideology may exist in a series of ideas full of social activities.
Concept of Orientalism
In Orientalism, Edward Said discussed several aspects of a term "Orientalism", including its origins, the main arguments and ideas behind the Orientalism moreover influence of Orientalism on East-West relations. For example for Australia- Asia engagement the privileged young people from the East have the opportunity to receive a Western education, which may further exace
ate ethnic tensions because the Western ethics they are taught are very different from their previous Eastern generations. Said clearly stated in Orientalism that there is a lot of racism in the attitude of the West towards the East and he quoted Kipling as saying "the behavior of white people when they cleaned the land" (226). He pointed out that "behind the white amiable leadership mask, there is always a willingness to use force, killing and being killed" (226). White man defends this violence on the grounds that his values are “free, humane and right.” European White man believes that they “clean up” the land and spread the appropriate value, even through force, which constitutes a lot of Orientalism. Thought supports the invasion of the East by the West. As Said states that the people of the east are regarded as “backward, degenerate,...

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