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MGT5PLS Assessment 4 Instructions What makes a good project leader? Select a person involved in a leadership role on a well-known public project. Conducting your own research from publicly available...

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Assessment 4 Instructions

What makes a good project leader?

Select a person involved in a leadership role on a well-known public project. Conducting your own research from publicly available information about this leader, analyse the leadership approach taken. Write an academic essay of approximately 1500 words and answer the following questions:

  1. What style of leadership did this leader deploy?
  2. What was the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the leadership behaviours displayed?
  3. What impact did these leadership behaviours have on the project across its lifecycle?
  4. How does your analysis compare to the concepts and literature examined in this subject?

Be sure to link your observations or deductions to the key concepts covered in this subject in terms of general leadership theory and practice, within the specific context of project management.

Carefully read through themarking guidefor this assessment task before starting your essay.

Research and References

Your essay should be supported by appropriate research, which could include academic literature, industry or government reports, practitioner-focused resources, newspaper or magazine articles, or websites. Note that your analysis of leadership theory should demonstrate a clear understanding of the relevant academic literature. You can use references provided in this subject, but you are expected to conduct your own research. You should be citingat least 5 articles from academic, peer-reviewed journals.

Also note that while you are encouraged to use a variety of sources to obtain evidence to supplement the academic literature, take care when considering which websites and non-academic sources to use. For this assessment, only use reliable and credible sources (e.g., a company website’s description of the project, Harvard Business Review blog). Note that Wikipedia and similar sites are not acceptable.

Remember to cite all your references, usingAPA style.

Note that the reference section is not included in the 1500 word count.

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David answered on Dec 25 2019
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Leadership Style of Peter Salveson
This particular paper attempts to throw light upon the leadership of Peter Salveson, CEO of a well-known public corporation i.e. Hansen Yuncken
Leadership Style of Peter Salveson
Charismatic Leadership Approach
Peter Salveson is certainly a charismatic leader and uses several different strategies for motivating his followers in order to ensure that they perform better. Firstly, he has developed and uses incentive programs, which holds a definite purpose as well as meaning for every team member (Issac et. al., 2013). Secondly, he offers all the followers goal-directed task descriptions. This strategy helps a lot in charting course for the members for following actions they must consider for achieving sound outcomes along with guidelines for effectively completely assigned tasks. Moreover, he helps followers in establishing as well as achieving individual self-development objectives (Issac et. al., 2013).
Undoubtedly, the performance of Peter Salveson as CEO of Hansen Yuncken has been quite exceptional. He has not just improved the overall output and position of the corporation nevertheless has also proved as being a good leader. He greatly believes that encouraging staff members in appropriate manner and on incessant basis could certainly prove to be exceedingly helpful. He ensures that there is always effective communication along with information flow across the corporation and staff members. The staff members are also allowed to take part in decision making process. Additionally, it is always ensured that company’s operations are ca
ied out in a sound manner and workers are treated in a principled manner. Moreover, all these strategies work like a stimulus for the staff members for performing their best and taking the firm to new levels. Creativity during decision-forming, the ability of adapting to changing market conditions along with charismatic leadership, signifies company’s success under Peter Salveson.
Transformational leadership Approach
Peter Salveson is certainly a figure, which is often regarded as being the good example of a transformational leader. Peter Salveson holds all three key personal abilities of a transformational leader involving creative, passionate and visionary. He developed the strategy for the firm’s key goal i.e. turning itself around. Following this he made an effort of directing and encouraging the team by assigning roles and functions for ensuring that the set objectives are attained. Peter Salveson has a vision to grow the corporation around by concentrating upon offered products and clients’ experience. Additionally, he is always ready for undertaking personal risks for accomplishing the set vision. He regards customer experience within every line of code. He makes use of his robust magnetic character for encouraging thousands. The company’s structure is consistent with his controlling outlook and setting...

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