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Marketing Trends

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Running Head: MARKETING TRENDS        1
Table of Contents
Question 1    4
Scenario a    4
a    4
.    4
c.    4
d.    4
e.    5
f.    5
Scenario b    5
a.    5
.    6
c.    6
d.    6
e.    6
f.    7
Question 2    7
Question 3    7
Question 4    8
Question 5    8
a.    8
.    9
Question 6    9
Question 7    9
References    11
Question 1
Scenario a
The presence of faulty accelerators within the vehicles of Toyota creates a loss in the selling of products. Due to the presence of issues in the technical part of the cars, the management team of the company cannot recover that situation (Alkandari & Al-Lozi, 2017). In that case, if the company would not recall their vehicles from the market, they can face negative feedback from their customers. That would offer a negative impact on their sales graph and reputation of the
This crisis, which is evident in the presented case study, is severe for the reputation of the
and. Therefore, critics in the vehicles of Toyota can cause significant accidents to the users of those vehicles. Due to the presence of that crisis, the organisation had to recall their cars that they had already launched in the market. That process delivers significant loss to the
If the engagement team of Toyota did not respond with the crisis, which occu
ed due to the presence of faulty accelerator in vehicles, it might cause significant loss to the company. With that context, they can lose the reputation of the
and due to offer defective products to their customers.
This process would offer a negative impact on the customers as customers have their full faith in the reputation of the
and (Aljuhmani & Emeagwali, 2017). Within this respect, the management team of the company might not be able to revive the status of the
and if the customer faced issues by using those faulty vehicles.
Through the implementation of the crosschecking process within the products, the faults that will be presented in the vehicles of Toyota can be reduced. The introduction of crosschecking within the warehouse of the company can allow the management team to maintain the quality of products.
To prevent the recu
ence of that crisis within the organisational structure, the management team of Toyota should be more cautious about the manufacturing of products. Therefore, the recruitment of technologically skilled staff should be performed by the company to avoid this kind of situation in the further context of their business.
Not only must that, but also the employees of the company deliver skill development training. This training should help them to perform their manufacturing operation of vehicles with the maintenance of all the parameters. This process also will support this organisation to avoid the occu
ence of crisis in the manufacturing of cars.
The crisis, which is noted within the organisational operations of the sandwich shop of Ma
ickville it seems like an urgent one. Due to the presence of that crisis, the management team of this
and might not be able to meet the demands of the customers. This process offered a negative impact among the customers, as they cannot provide their products instead of promising that to the customers.
This crisis would be a serious one to the sandwich manufacturing company and its owners within the context of Ma
ickville. Through this process, the customers of the sandwich
and made their negative mind, as the owner of the company could not offer that free sandwiches to all their customers (Williams, Gruber, Sutcliffe, Shepherd & Zhao, 2017). Therefore, this
and also would not meet...

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