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Marketing Strategic Marketing Strategy Making Waves Foundation (10 pages) Expected plan: Strategic plan on how to sell tickets to increase the foundation’s...

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Marketing Strategic
Marketing Strategy
Making Waves Foundation (10 pages)
Expected plan: Strategic plan on how to sell tickets to increase the foundation’s funding
through annual Yacht Race?
ent challenges: disconnection between the foundation and target audience
: very niche target market; aiming at educational market only
: lack of
and awareness
: lack of sustainable sponsorships and fundings
: over reliance on grants and public donations
: lack of marketing budget
: lack of customer engagements; marketing program doesn’t communicate
or relay the message the foundation would like to direct the audience.
Reasonable goals: increase sponsors/ key partners
: need strong communication tools in order to receive grants and donations
: how to make what the foundation offers to fit with the market?
: appeal to the public that disability can manage like others.
Analyse an Organisation's Background
Before analyzing the focal organization’s marketing problems, it is important that
you look into its background and history.
The organization background includes:
1. The nature of business (in our case, the organization is a NGO), its mission and
2. Key services/programs provided
3. Targeted market segments/customer groups to be served
4. Major competitors (i.e., Are there other NGOs offering similar services)
5. Relationships with donors, funding agencies, and other organizational partners
6. Members/program participants growth/loss over time
7. A concise SWOT analysis with a proper conclusion (i.e., what insights can
managers gain from?)

Analyse Key Marketing Problems
Next, on the basis of your research, you should identify the cu
ent or potential
challenges/problems of the focal NGO. Also, it is important to distinguish between
symptoms and causes of the problems. You should not just report the symptoms,
instead you should dig deep to find out the underlying causes of such symptoms.
Students should use research findings to justify the existence of the identified
problems. You may also use frameworks and theories learned in this subject
to analyse the focal NGO’s problems.
Focus on 1 to 2 core problems that pose imminent threats to the NGO. The problems
must be closely related to marketing strategies and activities.

1. NGO X has lost members over time, faces difficulty attracting new
members and service program has failed to draw attention.
2. NGO X’s social media strategies did not receive positive response from the
target audience and digital marketing effort did not increase the target
audience's awareness and lack of
and awareness.

Often, the causes are driven by internal factors, external factors, or a mismatch
etween strategy and the business environment. Finding answers to the following
questions will help you identify the core problems.

 XXXXXXXXXXWhat are the objectives of the NGO's social services? Are they clearly stated?
Are they consistent with the objectives of the organization?
 XXXXXXXXXXAre the NGO's marketing strategies/programs well planned and laid out? Are the
marketing strategies consistent with sound management principles?
 XXXXXXXXXXTo what target audience are the marketing activities directed? Is it well defined?
Is the market large enough to justify the marketing efforts?
 XXXXXXXXXXWhat services are being offered by the NGO? What is the width, depth, and
consistency of the organisation’s portfolio of services? Does the NGO need new
services to complement its existing offering?
 XXXXXXXXXXWhat promotion mix is being used? Are the promotion activities consistent with
the organisation's image? What could be done to improve the promotion mix?
 XXXXXXXXXXAre the managers capable to translate marketing strategies into sound action
plans? Do managers undertake systematic marketing planning?
 XXXXXXXXXXWhat unique advantage do the NGO's services offer to users (customers)? If
none, what can be done to gain an competitive advantage in the (non-profit)
market space?

Provide Managerial Recommendations and Action Plans
Student teams should offer thorough and sound recommendations to the NGO to
tackle its core marketing problems. These recommendations should:
 XXXXXXXXXXBe feasible and effective in dealing with the core problems.
 XXXXXXXXXXTake into considerations the financial and human resource constraints of
the NGO.
 XXXXXXXXXXNot just focus on marketing strategies and tactics as solutions; the solutions
could be related to management practices, long-term strategic plan and inter-
organisational partnerships, depending on the nature of the problem.

Student teams should consider offering 2 alternative
ecommendations and evaluate the pros and cons of each solution.
Subsequently, students should select the best option that can effectively address the
selected company’s core problem.
After choosing the best solution, student teams should develop an action plan that
lays out the key actions that the focal NGO should take to implement the solution.
These actions may involve mobilisation of resources across departments, therefore,
the action plans should not just be confined to the marketing unit. In addition,
students should spell out the key criteria used to measure whether these actions
are progressing toward the desirable results.

More Suggestions for Recommendations and Action Plans

This is where the “Expected plan” mentioned above comes in.
Your set of recommendations and action plans should address the core problems
you identified and analyzed. State how your recommendations will solve the
problems you identified. If the recommendations come as a surprise or do not follow
logically from the analysis, the effect is to weaken greatly your suggestions of what
to do.
Obviously, your recommendations for actions should offer a reasonable prospect of
success. Be sure the NGO is financially capable to ca
y out what you recommend;
also check to see if your recommendations are workable in terms of acceptance by
the persons involved, the organization’s competence to implement them, and
prevailing market and environmental constraints.
By all means state your recommendations in sufficient detail to be meaningful - get
down to some definite nitty-gritty specifics. Avoid such unhelpful statements as “the
organization should do more planning” or “the NGO should be more aggressive in
marketing its services.” Offer a definite agenda for action, stipulating a timetable and
sequence for initiating actions, indicating priorities, and suggesting who should be
esponsible for doing what.
In proposing an action plan, remember there is a great deal of difference between,
on the one hand, being responsible for a decision that may be costly for the NGO if it
proves in e
or and, on the other hand, casually suggesting courses of action when
you do not have to bear the responsibility for any of the consequences.
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Organization’s Background    3
Overview    3
Objective and Purpose    4
Main Competitors    4
Shortcomings    4
Goals to be reached    5
SWOT analysis    5
Key Marketing Problems    7
Conclusion    7
Recommendations    7
By monitoring the management within the organisation    8
By publicizing on social media    8
References    9
A perfect business plan involves a number of strategic analyses and a number of factors that govern the progress of the business. In order to develop an effective business plan an organisation must keep in mind all the key factors that play a great role in running the business and that act for the betterment of the business in near our future. With the cu
ent scenario of the market, a number of individuals are paying great attention to developing business strategies that overcome all the shortcomings of the organisation and create an environment that is friendly for running the business. In this article, the discussion shall be about the necessary changes and plans of action that can be undertaken by a non-government organisation with the aim of selling tickets for a race of yachts. For this purpose, the cu
ent condition of the market and the various factors that govern the running of a business, have to be taken in consideration.
Organization’s Background
The nature of the organisation that should be discussed in this scenario is a non-government organisation that has taken responsibility of setting the tickets for race of yachts. In this case, the main objective of making waves foundation is to involve the maximum number of people in this purpose and tell the maximum number of ticket possible (Making waves foundation, 2020). The target audience of the organisation shall be the youth of the society along with the people interested in this kind of sport. In the cu
ent scenario of the market the number of people available for publicizing of the event and management of the event are less and therefore the organisation must take necessary steps in order to undertake maximum possible publicity that will enable the organisation to reach how to a number of people. As the target audience of the organisation are the youth of the society, the medium of propagation for information about the events managed by this organisation shall be chosen likewise, which has a number of young consumers all over the globe. This organisation aims at the maximum sale of tickets in order to raise funds for charitable causes and being a non-profit organisation reaching out to the masses for rising of funds can be a great ordeal. This is the main reason for which organisation aims at publicizing the event largely in order to make sure that the event is made popular among the masses to the greatest extent possible. In order to achieve this purpose the shortcomings of the organisation must be tackled and the new changes that are beneficial for its operation shall be
ought into action. By following district 100 organisations is expected to fulfil the goals of raising funds for charitable causes.
Objective and Purpose
With the cu
ent condition of the market, selling tickets for a race has a number of drawbacks, which are discussed in this article. Making wave’s foundation is a non-government organisation, which has a number of changes to be made in order to be ready for operation in this industry. The various problems regarding the marketing of the company and the publicity of its products is a leading cause for which the operations of the company might get hindered. Certain changes in plan and certain recommendations need to be taken to this company in order to make it functional and effective in its work. The increased efficiency of the method provided shall be useful for the company in selling a large number of tickets and reaching out to a greater number of audiences through a series of innovative ideas and techniques. 
Main Competitors
The main competitors of this organisation are the other non-profit bodies that are working independently for raising funds, which may be a problem and a competition in the operation of this organisation (Bendell, 2017).
There are a number of shortcomings of this particular organisation, which are manifold in nature. There is a significant gap of communication between the target audience and the fundraising organisation for which dialyzer problem in publicizing of the events and reaching out to the masses. Effectiveness of the endeavours of this organisation can only be taken into account if the interested people turn up in large numbers and support the cause of the organisation. The lack of sponsors is also another cause that hinders...

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