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“Marketers are not doing enough in directing their target markets toward sustainable consumptions” 1500 words (+/-10%) correctly referenced. Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt, 1.5 lines...

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“Marketers are not doing enough in directing their target markets toward sustainable consumptions”

1500 words (+/-10%) correctly referenced. Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt, 1.5 lines spacing, Harvard (Anglia) references
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Role of marketers in achieving the mode of sustainable consumption    3
Significance of target markets towards sustainable consumption    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
The role of marketers is significant in achieving sustainable consumption in modern times. This research is done to understand Marketers role in sustainable consumption, and how to use sustainable consumption as a useful strategy in marketing. Since years humanity has been seen many different phases of marketing strategy. However, among them sustainability has emerged as a major issue in marketing strategy. In early 1970s marketing industry faced ecological issue, then environmental issue was main problem of marketing, now the sole focus has shifted to sustainability, in this research we will discuss the growth of sustainable consumption as important part of marketing strategy and what the future holds for sustainability as an important marketing strategy. Particularly, this research discusses how marketers are not doing enough till now to direct their target market towards sustainable consumption and how they should be encouraged in using sustainability as a platform for market development.
Role of marketers in achieving the mode of sustainable consumption
Sustainability basically means meeting our demands without having to compromise on the quality of the product, sustainability over the years have become a major issue in marketing strategy, this discussion is on marketers role in providing sustainable consumption (Sheth and Sisodia, 2015). The way a company approaches to reach its goal of sustainable consumption. This depends on various factors such as potential consumers, sustainable products can easily have a great positive impact on socio- ecological problems and certainly have a competitive edge over other products which are not sustainable, described below are a few marketing strategies used by marketers before the introduction of sustainable marketing (Chang, 2016). This marketing strategy can be divided into five sub parts, production concept, product concept, selling concept, marketing concept and societal marketing concepts.
Production concept is generally the trend of producing more products at a less cost. Product concept is generally the trend of producing quality product over price. The selling concept is the trend of rigorous and aggressive promotion and selling (Lewis, 2013). In earlier days sustainability was an option to marketing strategy, but now it has become a compulsory need in the world of marketing, which can certainly grant its user a competitive edge over other marketers who are not using sustainability.  Some methods to achieve substantial marketing are discussed below.
Social and Societal marketing
Social and Societal marketing is one of the many ways to achieve sustainability in an organization, this strategy can be decomposed into six parts, they are corporate social marketing, cause marketing, cause related marketing, corporate philanthropy and community volunteering.
Corporate Social Marketing studies the behavior change among the potential consumers. Cause Marketing is the study of the social causes through various promotion events (Sahakian and Wilhite, 2014, p.35). Cause Related Marketing is donating resources to a specific social cause with help of product sales. Corporate Philanthropy is directly donating resources to a particular cause or charity. Community Volunteering is a process of providing members who can act as a volunteer. Responsible Business Practice means having a business strategy or investment which supports some social cause. These practices can ensure business based on society and is one way to achieve sustainability.
Ecological Marketing
Ecological marketing mainly refers to the willingness of the marketer to develop eco friendly products that do not hamper or harm the environment; ecological...

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