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Marina Bay Sands is a 5-star luxury hotel, located in Singapore. The establishment is well-known for its worlds largest rooftop Infinity pool that attracts international tourists (Singapore,...

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Marina Bay Sands is a 5-star luxury hotel, located in Singapore. The establishment is well-known for its worlds largest rooftop Infinity pool that attracts international tourists (Singapore, XXXXXXXXXXTo keep that high hotels’ standard , our team is going to introduce and present the new project named To Infinity and Beyond . This program will encourage business to take a fresh look at the property’ rooftop exposure and gain the advantages by returning top site into the entertainment area.

Our goal for this project is to make the hotel brand more unique and increase our brand awareness in the country and worldwide. Since most of the new hotels in the surrounding areas offer infinity pools, through our idea, we can have a competitive advantage by offering these distinctive activities.

We have come up with the idea to utilize the currently vacant area on the roof top of the Maria Bay Sands to carry out a range of adrenaline activities. The activities that we have come up with include Bungee Jumping, Skywalking, Hanging Restaurant & Infinity Slide.

Bungee jumping will allow for the guests of the hotel and external customers to jump off the edge of the 57-floor building and then reeled back up on to the platform. In the case of sky walking we plan on build a small extension where customers can walk onto a clear, glass floor extending off the building. The hanging restaurant will be conducted through the use of a crane to hoist the 22-seater dinner table up and off the building. And then lastly, the infinity slide will be conducted on the above platform at the end of the infinity pool which will extend off the end of the building and into the pool. The slide will be enclosed and clear, allowing for customers to gain an amazing view of the city below.

Furthermore, our idea will allow us to gain a stronger competitive advantage through individualizing the hotel. It will as allow us to utilize the remaining space of the rooftop, which is not providing the hotel with any profit at this current moment in time. And, it will increase our customer base and target market.

In this case we are going to have a partnership with AJ HACKETT who is well-knowed in the industry.

I need a very good speech for my presentation where I will need to talk aout for around 4 mins, based on the value proposition of this project and the questions below :

Value Proposition

a) What is the benefit of your concept for the consumer/organisation?

b) Why would the customer or organisation pay for the idea?

c) Do you have any existing competitors?

d) How does the competition compare to your concept?

e) What makes your concept different?

To help here is what I wrote on my report about these 5 questions ( it doesn’t have to be the same for the speech but it is just for your guideline ) please have a look below :

Value Proposition

6.1. Benefit to Consumer/Organization

Through the implementation of this concept we are increasing the value for the Marina Bay Sands customers. Through increasing the number of supplementary services offered we are likely to increase the number of customers we attract, and hence who visit or stay in the hotel. An individuals reference price is altered by the value they feel is offered by the products, which determines the choice in purchase. Customers who wish too would participate in these activities will receive value through have an exciting experience and developing lifetime memories. As well as this they may feel a stronger desire to come to the hotel seeing as we have something of new, an of exciting interest. They will feel a sense of pride and self fulfilment and will affiliate this experience with the hotel, which will be translated into positive word of mouth for the hotel brand which is beneficial to the organization. Therefore, the organizations that implement such proposal obtain many guests as well as a unique sales proposition.

6.2. Why Customer/Organization Should Invest

The customer or organization pays for this idea because not only it offers a unique selling proposition, but also it offers a strong brand image and monetary benefits that generally a hotel is eying for. Therefore, the customers or the organization considering these benefits should surely pay for the idea of introducing the adventures. All individuals like to have fun and enjoyment as well as to do something new, Bungy Jumping, Skywalking, the Hanging Restaurant & Infinity Slide are the concepts that are being promoted. Bungy jumping encourages people to conquer their fear and come out of it successfully, it is also a worldwide new trend and has been thought to be a vital part of the enterprise tourism advertises (Hung- Che, Ching –Chan & Yi-Chang, 2017, p.275). This a one life time experience for the individuals. This precious experience motivates guests to come in large numbers. Similarly, Skywalking is a kind of extreme sport that makes people frightened initially but its charm attracts people to walk on the glass at a great height. This also turns into a great profit for the hotel. These facts assist the organization to implement the idea.

6.3. Existing Competitors & Competitive Comparison

Currently there are no other companies or hotels that are offering the exact same concept that we are proposing. Therefore, however similar ideas with Singapore and around the world that are under the same realm of adrenaline activities. AJ Hackett Sentosa is one which provides a giant swing, vertical skywalk, skybridge, top swing to customers. They do offer bungee jumping at the price of SGD$200. There is no infinity slide, skywalks, or hanging restaurant that are located in Singapore, however AJ Hacket Sentosa does offer a similar concept to the Skywalk a SGD$16 whereby they have small see through sections although it is more so just a high bridge to walk over. Furthermore, the vertical sky will allow for customers to walk down the building for $SGD60. ("AJ Hackett Sentosa » Bungy, Giant Swing, Vertical Skywalk & Skybridge", 2018).

Furthermore, the other closest thing to the activities that we have come up with in Singapore is the GX-5 extreme swing which cost SGD$45 and trampoline bungy at SGD$10 ("Things to do in Singapore | GX-5 Extreme Swing Singapore", 2018).

Additionally, Singapore does host a meal in the sky, however it is a four-course meal costing SGD$300 ("Singapore Flyer Sky Dining Flight", XXXXXXXXXXWith the closest dinner in the sky hanging restaurant concept is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia costing between RM$309-RM$328 depending on the day. It is 3 courses over an hour period ("Dinner in The Sky Malaysia", 2018).

AJ Hackett Sentosa and G-Max reverse bungy are both offering their activities with an ocean view, however our concept stand out by being held in the rooftop of a luxury five star hotel with an amazing view over the city of Singapore, therefore customers would surely choose to have these sort of extreme adventures in a famous recognized brand and enjoy at the same time the luxury service of a five star hotel as our concept is not only limited to Bungy jumping but it is also expanded to Sky Walking, Hanging Restaurant and Infinity Slide, in this way our guests will have the choice among all of these activities.

6.5 Concept Differentiation

The concept is unique because no other hotel is offering such a variety of adventures that Marina Bay Sands offers. Therefore, the guests will surely welcome the move of the hotel introducing adventures. The competition may react by imitating the concept of adventures sports offering on the rooftop. There may be hotels having skyscrapers and they may imitate the concept of Marina Bay Sands hotel later. But being a pioneer in this certainly assists hotel to win the loyalty of the customers. First mover advantage may be exploited by the hotel

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    “Hello Everyone! Good Morning / Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Today, we are here to discuss the forthcoming project of Marina Bay Sands that aims to take the success of this hotel to a larger step ahead in the Singapore hospitality industry. As we all know, Marina Bay Sands has been achieving success for its unique hospitality services over the years, which have place the luxury hotel on the global map. Its rooftop infinity pool has been the largest in the world, which has been effective enough to garner attraction of the visitors from all over the world. However, we also cannot deny the fact that there are many other hotels being constructed in our nea
y areas that are offering the benefits of the infinity pool, quite similar to ours.
Therefore, in this highly competitive market, here, we are going to present to you a very lucrative project, which would be termed as “To Infinity and Beyond”! It will be consisting of the fun and exciting activities such as dining in the Hanging Restaurant, Bungee Jumping, sliding into the pool through the Infinity Slide and Skywalking. You can see why we have named the concept as “To Infinity and Beyond”, since it would provide all the fun that are beyond imagination of the visitor; nevertheless, all within the vacant, unutilised rooftop area of the...

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