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making a two month roster including wages and super and working times.

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making a two month roster including wages and super and working times.
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Shikha answered on Jul 04 2020
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Executive Summary
BD Eats is a restaurant serving people Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. For proper maintenance of restaurant and customer satisfaction it is necessary to have required staff in front office. Below are the details of staff and staffing requirements for BD Eats –
· Supervisors – Supervisors are responsible for managing and overlooking the complete restaurant activities. In staffing it is assured to have at least one supervisor at any given time in the hotel
· Waiters - Waiters are required to serve food neatly to customers. As
eakfast is buffet, it is assumed one waiter would be sufficient. During lunch and dinner, it is expected to have 220 guest which leads to approximate 55 tables. So three waiters at a time would suit the requirement.
· Bartenders: One bartender would be enough to serve drinks. But during weekends, the flows of customers are more at dinner. So during this time, it is advisable to schedule 2 bartenders
· Cleaner – Cleaner is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant and the tables. So 2 cleaners would be sufficient for cleaning...

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