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LP05.2 Assignment: Business Plan Instructions This assignment will assess the competency 5. Create strategies and policies to ensure effectiveness. Directions In LPs 01 through 03, you were asked to...

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LP05.2 Assignment: Business Plan

This assignment will assess the competency 5. Create strategies and policies to ensure effectiveness.


In LPs 01 through 03, you were asked to prepare milestones for a business plan. You received feedback on each part of the business plan. You should have made the recommended, necessary revisions to each part of the plan, because you are now going to pull all of those pieces together.

Your final submission for this class will be your polished, professional business plan. This is not in APA research paper. However, your references and citations should be in APA format. Your plan should be single-spaced document (not multiple files) that includes the following pieces in this following order:

  1. A cover page (not to be confused with an APA title page)
    • You can use Microsoft Word to create a visually engaging cover page. This is an opportunity to be creative, but make sure it is also professional)
    • It should include the necessary information, such as your name, the name of your company, title of the document, etc.
  2. Executive summary (LP03.2)
  3. Description of your business (LP01.1)
  4. Customer analysis (LP01.2)
  5. SWOT analysis (LP02.1, Part A)
  6. Promotional strategies (LP02.1, Part B)
  7. Organizational Chart (LP02.2)
  8. Legal Description (LP03.1, Part A)
  9. Budget (LP03.1, Part B)
  10. Reference page

If you have made the necessary revisions according to the feedback from your instructor, this should be an easy assignment.

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Aarti J answered on Mar 16 2020
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Wilson Healthcare Services
Business Plan
Name | Course Title | Date
Executive Summary
The report on Wilson Home Health Service provides a
ief idea regarding the services and strengths. In addition to that, it also provides an idea about their competition in the competitive market of the health industry.
Overview of the Business
It has been through the analysis of the report that Home Healthcare service has a huge popularity and they become important within the institutionalized care. In the care, the services which are provided to service users are not that much. Moreover, there is a requirement of improving quality for the Home Health Care Service.
Mission Statement
The organization mean mission is to provide good quality of service to the service users for improving their health problems. In addition to that, their aim is to provide service with affordable price. In addition to that, in a healthcare organization providing comfort and improve the health of South Australian people is much important.
Products and Services Offered
In Wilson Home Health Service, they serve various services which are related to dentist, therapies, health of women, physician and cardio. The business model is implemented mainly to provide care to the individuals along with that their families. The model will also lode service users in terms of helping in day to day activities.
In the healthcare industry of Australia, there is a huge competition. Wilson Home Health Service is expected to increase the size of a market with USD 391.41 billion and with a growth of around 9.40%. The company can face a huge competition in the healthcare industry.
Competitive Strength
In this report, the strength of Wilson Home Healthcare has also been discussed. The success of any healthcare organization mainly relies on the improvement of the service users. As per (Rahman et al. 2016). in any healthcare organizations, a service user’s health is regarded as the main priority. In healthcare organization the main key to their success is a quality of services, doctor's availability and effective collaboration.
Global Business Environment
In the global aspect, there is an increase of geriatric population thus, automatically its effects upon the need of healthcare services. In the globally, there are various people who are diagnosed with different diseases. As asserted by (Hsiao and Tang 2015). there is a high demand for home healthcare service within individuals and families also.
Talents in Employees
In-home healthcare service most of the employees are selected on basis of their qualification, competence and proper experience. As mentioned by (Shah 2014). an experienced employee within healthcare company is always an advantage for proper health improvement. The doctors are properly trained and friendly regarding the treatment of service users.
Technologies Required
In this report, there is a discussion regarding the need for advanced technology within the healthcare organization. In a healthcare organization, there is the requirement of advanced technologies which can be helpful for providing appropriate care to service users. In the opinion of (Nelson and Staggers 2016). Home telehealth is the advanced technology which can be applied to the healthcare organization.
ent Pricing
In here there is a discussion regarding the pricing of treatment because it is utmost concern among the service users. Wilson Home healthcare service price mainly depend upon their services which are provided to their service users. In the opinion of (Adibi, 2015). an individual before getting treatment from a health care organization their prime focus is upon the price of treatment.
SWOT Analysis
In this report, it also shows various opportunities, threats, weakness and strength for Wilson Healthcare services. The SWOT analysis will be helpful for the proper operation and generate a strategy for the company. In Wilson Healthcare organization, their main strength is quality of services and their lower rates for the services which are promoted. In addition to that, service users also look for that healthcare which has a decreased utilization regarding services which is present in Wilson Healthcare Services. Moreover, in the healthcare organization there are trained and experienced professionals those are available for the service user’s treatment. Their main weakness is there is not enough equipment and restriction regarding mobility. The main opportunity for Wilson Healthcare Organization is increasing the rate of elderly population and implementation of a modern operation. Moreover, the main threat is from an economic recession which can take place without any prior notification.
Promotional Strategies
In this report, it provides an idea regarding the strategies which can be implemented for their promotion of services. In Wilson, they are mainly the implementation of social media regarding their promotional strategy and word of mouth strategy for spreading the awareness among the community. In addition to that, there is the implementation of advertising strategy, newspaper and so on. The promotional strategy will be helpful regarding the spreading of awareness and increasing of
and value as well.
Organization structure
The company will initiate as a sole proprietorship company with the management of few people together who specializes in different fields.
6 | Page
Executive Summary    1
Overview of the business    1
Customer Analysis    1
SWOT Analysis    2
Promotional Strategies    4
Organization Chart    5
Legal Structure    5
Budget Analysis    6
References    0
Wilson Healthcare Services
Overview of the business
Home healthcare services has increasing its popularity and has become one of the most important alternative to institutionalized care. At the Wilson, home healthcare, the healthcare services can be provided to the patients at a minimal cost and high comfort. The market research has presented that there is a significant need for the quality home healthcare services.
Mission statement
The mission statement of the company is to provide quality healthcare service to the patients with a focus on trust, comfort, quality, pricing, personal care and service.
Customer Analysis
Products and services offered
The healthcare will provide different healthcare services related to cardio, physician, dentist, pediatrician, therapies, and women’s health. They will provide different chronic care to the individuals and families who require home treatment for several illness. It will also include helping the older patients with their day to day activities and assisting them in home care.
Home healthcare services is one of the growing healthcare service agencies which is expected to grow to the market size of USD 391.41 billion with a growth of 9.40%. The company is...

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