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Workbook Task 1: Theory of Science 1.Choosing any Article from any Scientific journal from subject area - Mechatronics Engineering (preferably graduate level). List the article with its complete...

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Workbook Task 1: Theory of Science
1.    Choosing any Article from any Scientific journal from subject area - Mechatronics Engineering (preferably graduate level). List the article with its complete bibliographic information according to the rules from the script.
2.    Summarize
a)    the problem
ationale of the article,
)    the research question(s)/objectives, and
c)    the main results and conclusions of the article in our own words. That is, we should cite the text indirectly according to the citation rules from the script.
3.    Determine the research methodology from the article and give three arguments why it is a qualitative or quantitative research methodology or a literature review. We can include statements about the sample, the methods used for data collection and analysis, or how representative the results are.
Maximum length: Two pages

Workbook Task 2: Bibliography and Citation
Look at the bibliography in the article selected in Task 1 and list three different types of sources (e.g., monograph, anthology, journal article, internet source, etc.). Assign the three selected sources to the different source types. Making sure that we use the citation rules from the script.
Choose two paragraphs from the article and write a paraphrased text for each of the two paragraphs. This means that we should quote the text indirectly according to the citation rules from the script and reproduce it in your own words.
Maximum length: one page

Workbook Task 3: Practical Application of Good Science I: Finding a Topic and Database Research
Think about a topic for a scientific paper in our field of study (from Mechatronics Engineering (preferably undergraduate level), for a seminar paper, project or thesis. Formulate a meaningful title for our scientific work.
Find suitable literature for our topic.
a) Find five keywords that fit our topic and do a keyword search preferably, using Boolean operators at least once. Write the keywords in a table.
) List five scientific sources, that we can find using the keyword search, in a bibliography. Write the bibliography according to the citation rules in the script.

Workbook Task 4: Practical Application of Good Science II: Introduction and Research Questions
Write an introduction for our research paper from Task 3. Remember to include all elements of an introduction and to formulate at least two research questions.
Cite at least one source directly and two more indirectly in the introduction. Making sure that we use the citation rules from the script. We are free to use the sources we have already found for our topic using the keyword search.
Maximum length: one page

Workbook Task 5: Research Methods
Determine the appropriate research methodology for our scientific work from Task 3 and describe the appropriate methods of data collection and analysis. We should only describe the method of data collection and analysis. It is not necessary to design a questionnaire or any other instrument.
Justify why the chosen research methodology is appropriate to answer our research question(s).
Maximum length: one page

Workbook Task 6: Create Indexes
Create a table of contents for our scientific work from Task 3. Take into account the structure of scientific works and the chapters or indexes that are mandatory for the structure of a scientific work.
Create a bibliography for all sources cited in our workbook, i.e., all sources we used in Tasks 1-5, according to the citation rules in the script.
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Mechatronics Assignment
APA Cite: Erdoğan, S. (2019). Effects of biodiesel usage on mechatronic components in automobiles with diesel engine: A review. International Journal of Energy Applications and Technologies, 6 (2), 49-56. DOI: 10.31593/ijeat.567555
a) The problem
ationale of the article:
Petroleum based energy systems like IC engine are used for various purpose around the world and most of modern transportation and local electrical generation systems are based upon it. However, pollution created by these systems is a major concern along with the exhaustible nature of the fuel itself. Particularly impact of diesel fuel use on the nature is critical as it is most widely used fuel for major long distance transportation either human or goods. Various types of nitrogen oxides are released during the combustion of diesel in IC engine. To reduce the pollution and improve the availability of the fuel, most countries are trying to use alternatives like bio diesel either as partial or complete replacement for diesel. This bio diesel are obtained from natural plant sources, which are in exhaustible and also create less gaseous pollution.
However, since the IC engine were originally designed for petroleum products, author is trying to study the side effect of using bio diesel fuel in the same systems. It has been reported in various literature sources that bio diesel produce excess ca
on deposition which can impact the performance of the mechatronic systems like fuel injectors, fuel pumps, engine control systems, etc. The goal of this paper is to provide a review of studies on impact of using bio diesel fuel in IC engines, on mechatronics components and providing ways to mitigate the said problem.
) The research question(s)/objectives:
Various mechatronics systems are used in automobiles which are classified as engine management systems, security-related systems, driving-related systems, comfort-related systems, and others. Engine managements systems basically work with fuel injection or fuel ignition based upon the type of IC engine. Apart from fuel system it also supports idling and emission control systems. New generation diesel engine employ high pressure common rail systems along with improved injectors, emission reduction catalysts like SCR, oxidation catalysts and particulate filters to increase the overall performance of the engine while reducing the pollution caused by the same. Even though the paper starts as review for all mechatronic systems used in automobiles, the focus was to study the impact of adding bio diesel on such engine management systems only. This review paper, try to cover the work created by various scientists on impact of bio diesel fuel. However, impact on other systems apart from engine management system is not covered as author suggests they will have minimum interaction with bio diesel fuel.
c) The main results and conclusions of the article in our own words.
The paper suggest that although addition of bio diesel impacts the performance of certain devices such as fuel injectors, EGR coolers and catalysts, some of this effects can be mitigated by not mixing bio diesel at higher ratios in normal diesel engine. Mechatronic components used in engine management system needs to be evolved further to determine optimal ratio of bio diesel mixing for operation under different operating conditions and speeds. This can further mitigate the impact of bio diesel use. Such kind of mixing evaluations need to be verified by various experimentation which is behind the scope of the paper. To use bio diesel system more effectively one need to optimize not only fuel delivery or fuel mixing system, but also AdBlue (SCR) or EGR systems. Complete system optimization in accordance with the mixture ratio will further reduce the pollution and increase the longevity of the system.
Research Methodology:
Argument 1: This is a review paper as author studied literature sources and combined their results in one paper. It is further elaborated in title of the paper.
Argument 2: Author has not presented any of his own data or test results as part of the paper. Further no details has been provided on any experimental setup to verify the results from the literature.
Argument 3: Author has not provided any of its own analysis or deduced any mathematical arguments or construction. A good summary of the paper studied is provided in here, without getting into details or analysis of the same.
    The survey is not exhaustive as on most bio diesel type only one or two papers are presented. These papers in itself do not cover in detail about the study performed on different blends of bio diesel. Further the analysis also lacks quantitative approach and hence, resulting conclusion can be probed.
Bibliography and...

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