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Longer Writing Assignment Writing Prompt: Pick a place. It could be a country, a larger region that crosses national boundaries (The Balkans), a group of countries with a shared colonial history...

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Longer Writing Assignment

Writing Prompt:

Pick a place. It could be a country, a larger region that crosses national boundaries (The Balkans), a group of countries with a shared colonial history (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), a group of countries that are seen as a region today (OPEC), a region within a country (Appalachia, the rustbelt), or a specific city.

How did any of the ‘globe-shaping’ and ‘place-making’ social forces that we have studied – colonialism, slavery/slave trade, anti-colonial struggle, neoliberalism, social reproduction– make the place you are discussing look the way it does?

Your essay should be from 3-5 pages, double spaced.

This question is very broad, and a thorough answer would fill books, let alone a paper. You’re not trying to be comprehensive. Don’t try to list all the ways that any of the things we have studied apply. Instead, pick one (or at most two) and show with as much detail as possible how it has shaped your place.

You must use at least 2 sources from class readings. These will probably not be relevant in terms of the specific empirical facts; instead you are using them to ground your analysis of your place in some of the theories we have studied.

You must use at least 3 outside sources (not Wikipedia or an equivalent) to substantiate the details that you are using in your argument.

Be careful of: citing too long of a passage. Don’t cite a paragraph and then tell me that it showed your point. In general, whenever you excerpt something, you should talk about it longer than the length of the excerpt. And if possible, it’s usually better to summarize and explain what something says in your own words rather than quoting.

Be careful of: plagiarism (accidental, or intentional). It is really easy to type up something you’ve read as notes, and end up using it in your writing without realizing that you are literally copying. DON’T DO THIS! It is usually very easy to notice when a student’s language changes suddenly, and to google phrases and sentences.

It is very easy to google phrases and sentences and find

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Soumi answered on Mar 20 2020
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Title: Anti-Colonial Struggle of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
The anti-colonial struggle that shaped the cu
ent state of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan
    The issue of colonization has been a grave one for underdeveloped and developing countries for a long time. Countries being colonised by the more powerful and developed ones had to go through a lot of turmoil and miseries in all the while of remaining a colony (Prashad 27). Their anti-colonial struggle was a driving factor to
ing about changes in their faces of misery. Some of these countries are India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which had been colonies to Britain for about 200 years (from 1757 to 1947) (Roy 210). Their miseries were in the forms of differences between the classes, poor economic conditions, dominance over the peasants and unjust orders for the Sepoys (Zinn xviii).
    However, a sense of nationalism was perceived amongst the suppressed natives of the country, which was at that time, a singular nation consisting of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. There were two distinct incidents that could be recognised as the driving factors of the anti-colonial movement, which
ought about significant changes on the face of the country’s struggle against the British. One of them was the revolutionary fight against the British by Bhagat Singh, a rationalist and the other was that of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, whose struggle could be considered as the catalyst to the freedom of India from their two-century-old movement towards being free (Narayan 412).
    In terms of Bhagat Singh, the anti-colonial...

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