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Kotler and Keller XXXXXXXXXXoutline the 10 Deadly Sins of marketing. The items listed as part of the 10 include real marketing practices and processes that have been identified by Kotler and Keller as...

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Kotler and Keller XXXXXXXXXXoutline the10 Deadly Sinsof marketing. The items listed as part of the 10 include real marketing practices and processes that have been identified by Kotler and Keller as organization’s ineffectiveness or weaknesses in the development and implementation of organizational marketing strategy.

In a 5-7 page paper,select 5out of the 10 Deadly Sins. The list of the 10 are included below. For the 5 Deadly Sins selected, address the potential solution for each. Include a thorough academic discussion on the solution for each of the 5 Deadliest Sins selected.

The Research Report will meet the APA 6thedition format criteria, 5 - 7 pages, and follow the structure below and consider the following:

  1. Title page
  2. Reference page
  3. Include at least three scholarly sources in addition to the course text
  4. Utilize APA formatted in-text citations to include and support course and external content as part of the assignment response.
  5. Structure the assignment response with APA formatted section headings
  6. Please avoid writing the minimum. When the page requirement is listed as 5-7 pages, consider including content for at least 5-7 pages of content.
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Analysis of Deadly Sins of The Marketing
The report explains out the deadly sins proposed by Kotler and Keller. It also examines the relevance of these deadly sins. The report conducts a thorough examination of five deadly sins by conducting a critical analysis. It also offers recommendation to mitigate the deadly sins.
Five deadly sins
The illustration of deadly sins of marketing reveals these sins. First, the company is not adequately market-focused and driven to fulfil customers’ needs. Second, the company does not understand the needs of the target customers. Third, the company does not have better definition of competitors and does not have a system to monitor their activities. Fourth, the company does not have strong relationship or manages a strong relationship with the stakeholders. Fifth, the company is unable to recognise new opportunities. Sixth, the company marketing planning and plans are deficient. Seventh, the company product and services policies need more grips and tightening. Eighth, the company is weak in
and building and promoting communication skills. Ninth, the company is not recognised well to formulate efficient and effective marketing. Tenth, the company does not make maximum use of the technological innovations.
1. The company is unable to be customer centric company and is not market focused.
This sin is reflected when the company does not identify the segments of market. Another reason to support this sin is lack of strong market segmentation or there is no prioritization. The managers do not have sufficient skills to conduct market segmentation.
When the company sells to masses, it does not reap the benefits of niche marketing and does not offer tailor-made solutions embedded in products and services. A clothing company saying that we target age group of 20-50 does not reveal its target customers. Here it should take into account the demographic, psychographic and geographic factors to define segment (Tynan & Drayton, 2010), therefore, the clothing company that sells youth garments on high price should target customers who are young and have good source of income and leading a fashionable lifestyle. The next factor for consideration is attractiveness of the business segment. It should be adequate enough to reap the profits. Therefore, even if the company segments the market, but does not identify the segment market size, than the whole initiative of segmentation will be faltered. The segment attractiveness depends upon size and income as well as willingness of customers to purchase those products and services that the company offers. The basis of segmentation must be understood by the company. These are demographic, psychographic, behavioural and geographic bases of segmentation. Analysis also reveals that behavioural segmentation is the most crucial base in global market to determine a proper segment for business. Literature also suggests the segmentation and positioning should be considered for effective marketing (Hassan, & Craft, 2005). Therefore, to gain the competitiveness and to be customer driven company, it is imperative for an organization to understand segmentation role. After understanding the needs of segmentation and their relative attractiveness, it’s time for a marketer to prioritize the segments. Therefore, a clothing company that considers to enter into different segments such as age group of 20-30, 30-40 and 40-60 must...

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