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KEY INFORMATION Type: Individual or in Pairs Weight: 10% Due Date: Friday, September 29 11:59 p.m. When completing this work, consider the company and the customer you focused on for your first...

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Type: Individual or in Pairs Weight: 10%

Due Date: Friday, September 29 11:59 p.m.

When completing this work, consider the company and the customer you focused on for your first assignment.


Act as a Marketer

Describe the company, its products and offerings in the role of a marketer to communicate with your identified customer. This description will include all the positive aspects that could be presented to consumers and all the problems or objections that may arise when considering your company. You should suggest the successful ways this company should attempt to market to your consumer (persona). Think Advertising - what is the message, where/how will it be communicated, and why will it


Act as a Skeptical Consumer

Describe the company in the role of a consumer that the company has not yet won over (they haven't made a purchase). Explain what may be at the heart of their perception(s).

You may wish to format this part of the assignment as a point made by the marketer and a counterpoint made by the skeptic


Using appropriate examples, discuss how perception can influence consumer value and behaviour.


Cover Page: Required. Length: 1-3 pages (Cover page included)

Font Type: Any sans serif font

Font Size: 11pt

Line Spacing: 15

Citations: APA, if needed

File Type: Please submit a PDF file


It is not appropriate to use Al tools to complete any part of this assignment.
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Ayan answered on Sep 29 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Positive Aspects and Offerings    3
Potential Objections    4
Marketing Strategies    5
Skeptical Consumer Perspective    5
The Influence of Perception on Consumer Behaviour    6
Conclusion    6
References    8
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and establishes itself as a worldwide sports
and that captures the hearts and dreams of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike in a world that is driven by athletics, fitness, and personal style. It is essential to give a thorough overview of the business, its varied product portfolio, and the range of services that distinguish Our sports
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and. In this article, we will highlight the benefits that make our sports
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and. We serve those who consider sport to be more than simply an activity but also an integral part of who they are. In the parts that follow, we'll explain our position as marketers, defining the core of the
and, then switching to the viewpoint of a skeptic to learn more about their concerns. We'll wrap off by talking about how perception has a significant impact on customer value and behaviour.
Positive Aspects and Offerings
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and is committed to offering athletes and fitness fans the most advanced sports apparel that improves functionality, comfort, and style. As a sports
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