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Faculty of Science & Technology
Topic 4 – Problem sheet
Q1.    Which of the following best describes the role of the Data Link layer:
    (Choose 1)
(i)    It deletes entries in the ARP cache
(ii)    It uses sockets to identify running applications
(iii)    It provides communication between locally networked devices
(iv)    It uses sequence numbers to maintain reliability
(v)    It is layer 3 of the TCP/IP model of networking
[ 1 mark ]
Q2.    Which of the following statements about the Data Link layer are inco
    (Choose the one or more inco
ect statements)
(i) The Data Link layer is the interface between the network layer and the physical media.
(ii) The Data Link interface to the network is the Network Interface card.
(iii) The Data Link layer provides multiplexing of multiple upper layer conversations to the physical media
(iv) The Data Link uses the IP address for all communications.
[ 1 mark ]
Q3.    Define the following Data Link acronyms:
        LLC    Logical Link Control…
        MAC    Media Access Control
[ ½ + ½ = 1 mark ]
Q4.    Describe the main role of the Data Link LLC.
    Make the underlying physical medium used for transmission transparent to the upper layer protocols. Allow multiple host services to access the single physical medium available to connect to network.
[ 1 mark ]
Q5.    The LLC is sometimes described as providing a multiplexed service to upper layer protocols.
Describe what this statement means and try to give an example of this in action.
LLC supports forwarding and framing of different types of data packets. It takes packets of different formats like IGMP, ICMP and IP etc. Frames them into suitable sizes and forwards to the MAC layer. On receiving it decodes the frames and forwards data received for a particular protocol into the required format to network layer.
[ 2 marks ]
Q6.    What is the main role of the Media Access Control component of the Data Link Layer?
    The MAC layer controls the transmission of data out to the network by sensing the medium and identifying the time slots when channel is free to transmit data. It also takes care of any transmission e
ors that might have occu
ed in data frame received.
[ 1 mark ]
Q7.    Describe why routers require at least 2 network cards.
    Router connects two networks allowing data from one network to be transfe
ed to another and vice versa. So it needs to two network cards to connect to two networks. Some routers have even more than two cards.
[ 1 mark ]
Q8.    How many binary bits constitute a MAC address?
        48 bits
[ 1 mark ]
Q9.    Describe the two constituent parts of a MAC address.
    Organisationally Unique Identifier and Network Interface Controlle
[ 1 mark ]
Q10.    What Windows command will display the MAC address of your computers Ethernet network interface card?
    Ipconfig /all
[ 1 mark ]
Q11.    What Linux command will display the MAC address of...

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