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Journal Article: Does content material coordinate with the title of the article? In the article written in APA format (explain) Identify the research problem. Identify the hypotheses of the research...

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Journal Article:
  1. Does content material coordinate with the title of the article?
  2. In the article written in APA format (explain)
  3. Identify the research problem.
  4. Identify the hypotheses of the research article.
  5. State the purpose of the research.
  6. Methods of information gathering.
  7. Methods of information analysis.
  8. List the core points of the research article.
  9. Discuss the author’s conclusion.

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Somudranil answered on Jul 17 2021
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Running Head:Analyzing Journal        1
Analyzing Journal        2
AnalyzingCell-Phone Addiction: A Review
    Using smart phones has been observed to have a long-lasting impact on the mind and addiction to it leads to problems relating to physical health. It paves the way for sleep deprivation and blu
ed vision.
    Due to the increasing accessibility to the internet, it has become easier to gain access. Therefore, this paves the situation for REM or rapid eye movement, which furthermore leads to slow-wave sleep. It affects the health by the suppression of the onset time involving the melatonin secretion. People stay awake for late hours staying glued to their phone screen at midnights. It leads to a situation of noxious cognitive, including the psychological and the emotional effects by the usage of smartphones and the internet-based technologies.
    The phone tends to be circumscribed due to the...

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