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Its research paper 2500 wordsYou can chose the topic of your choice except the 2nd national indigenous Australian agency. Chose the topic from pdf file attached below. I have attached a picture which...

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Its research paper 2500 wordsYou can chose the topic of your choice except the 2nd national indigenous Australian agency. Chose the topic from pdf file attached below. I have attached a picture which explain the essay structure and body.2nd picture explains the requirements. Please i need thet paper according to these two pictures.
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Abhinaba answered on Jun 02 2021
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Table of Content
Introduction    3
Section 1    3
Section 2    4
How policy was made?    4
Idea around the policy in Social Construction    5
Other Factors    5
Policy Models    5
Agenda Setting and Media    6
Discourses    6
Framing    7
Claims Making and Representation    7
Political influence of Actors    7
Interest groups or Community    8
Role and Nature of Process    8
Section 3    8
Conclusion    9
References    10
Nature is beyond human imagination, at one point of time it is just as calm and beautiful. On the other point, it is ruthless and chaotic. The Australian bushfire is the evidently showed humankind the same. The commission that was formed by the government of Australia after the bushfire disaster that has taken the life of uncountable number of animals is likely to take the responsibility of examines the total management to reduce the impact of bushfire in the lives of Australian people. In this assignment the vivid discussion is done on the work ethics of the policy and how the forerunner of the policy is working together to reduce the impact. In This case, study, the key idea and the concept of this particular policy is also taken under consideration for establishing the fruitful result. Lastly, the vivid knowledge that the policy-making analysis has given is also stated in this assignment.
Section 1
The Royal Commission of Natural Disaster A
angement is also known as the bushfire royal commission which came into existence in the year 2020, when the majority of the Australian forest was in fire taking the lives of millions of animals and effecting thousand of life. The commission has given the charge of taking care of all the process that needs to be taken for the management of the bushfire disaster that hit Australia badly. The policy maker of the commission has also includes the clause of recovery from the disaster and also to recommended and take certain drastic steps for the improvement of the climatic condition of the country (McAneney et al., 2016). Royal commission is has the complete access over the defences system of thee country for the purpose of restoration of the affected area. The deployment of the defence force along with the clear utilisation of the armed force of the government for the disaster management by the royal commission is entitled by the policy maker. The Australian bushfire is common natural phenomena however, the bushfire that
oke out in 2019 and continued until 2020 was vigorous one and wiped out many species of the animal and merely one billion animals were killed. The bushfire not only affected animals and human but it increased the level of air pollution multiple times higher (Brooks et al., 2019). The smoke of the bushfire also affected the south pacific countries like that of Argentina and Chile. The destruction caused by the bushfire was so havoc that the governor David Littleproud announced that the standing committee would be hired to inquire about the whole situation. Daniel Andrews, Gladys Berejiklian, announced the independent investigation of the bushfire destruction. The Prime Minister Scott Mo
ison on January 12, 2020 proposed the establishment of the Royal Commission whose root can be traced in the Royal Commission Act of 1902. The terns and condition of the Royal Commission was drafted in approval of te
itory and the state government as well as the approval of commonwealth government was mandatory. The commission took the initiatives to check the coordinated worker of the commonwealth and te
itory and state government. The impact of the bushfire along worth the accountability of the disaster management comes under the authority of the commission. The power of the Royal Commission, which is formed in 2020, is gaining its power from the legislative act of 1902 (Le Brocque, et al., 2017). The execution of the search wa
ant by the federal police is also comes under the authority of the royal commission.
Section 2
How policy was made?
The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster A
angements came into being on Fe
uary 20, 2020 (Lim, 2019). The main aim of the policy was to address the critical situation that led to national natural disaster. Primarily, the bushfire of 2019-20, which resulted in loss of life and property, was the main reason for the establishment of this policy. Australian government to reduce the harmful effects on the environment caused by natural disasters created this policy. This policy works under Royal Commission Act 1902. Between June 2019, to Fe
uary 2020, Australia was facing several devastating bushfires. The bushfires were uncontrollable. As of January 2020, the bushfire burnt 18.6 million hectares (46 million acres; 186,000 square kilometres; 72,000 square miles)( Victoria State Government, 2020). It killed around 84 people and around 6000 buildings were destroyed. Bushfires were emitting ca
on dioxides around 337 million tonnes, as NASA reported (Gonzalez-Mathiesen et al., 2019). This cause enabled Australian Government to establish the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster A
On 12 January 2020, Scott Mo
ison, the prime minister of Australia, proposed an idea to establish a royal commission into the bushfires. After the permission of the state and te
itory governments, the Commonwealth Government elaborated the reference terms. After series of objectionable steps and intriguing legal procedures, the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster A
angements was established. The policy was made with the backdrop of concern for the environment. The policy is to do research about the various climatic changes in the world that might give rise to the severe natural disasters. Natural disasters cause severe damage to all the property and lives. The policy tries to harness the causes and effects of natural disasters and ensures that the countries are resilient enough to
ing down the rate of natural disasters. The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster A
angements used...

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