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its in my file
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Parul answered on May 28 2021
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Policies in the workplace provides essential guideline and best practices for acceptable behavior in the organization. The objective of policies is to establish a strong foundation for employees to interact and communicate in way that is aligned with the organization’s value and vision. The world is evolving rapidly and any business that aspires to thrive in future depends upon its human resources. Therefore, it is imperative to em
ace inclusion at the same pace as dynamics of market and rate of change.
Workplaces that are perceived as diverse have the highest levels of employee engagement. Essentially, we are all different with respect to gender, race, personality, sexual orientation, age, religion or culture. These differences can give rise to different prospective and focus on designing innovative solution to new business problem. Organization can utilities these differences in the prospective and point of view to attain goals and objectives. Organizations that are able to comprehend the criticality of diversity in workforce perform much better both financially and culturally. When employees work with other people with different background they have the opportunity to learn from one another therefore produces higher quality products and services. Moreover, having a positive workplace also foster a positive working environment where employees feel more engaged. This is an essential cornerstone for growth and development of the employee as well as company. Basically, the underlying principle of diversity is having a different prospective that stems from how one grew up, the life experiences etc.
Potential Challenges for incorporating Diversity in the Workplace
· Acceptance and Respect
· Accommodation of Belief
· Cultural Differences

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