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interview strategy that includes the following: A summary of the murder case you selected An analysis of the offender’s personality, including any personality disorders or comorbidity that may be...

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interview strategy that includes the following:

  • A summary of the murder case you selected
  • An analysis of the offender’s personality, including any personality disorders or comorbidity that may be present
  • An explanation of how aggression, attachment, and empathy factor into the offender’s personality
  • An explanation of how “state” versus “trait” factors into the case
  • Recommendations for the interview, including the following:
    • Selection of the interviewer
    • Environment of the interview
    • How to manage the interviewer’s response
    • Description of how to ask the interview questions
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Tanmoy answered on Aug 01 2021
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Interview strategy of states versus traits of a murder case
It is a study of a dual murder case conducted by a man (Mr. A) whose name has been kept secret charged with the murder of his wife and a child. The incident took place in Italy. It is a case of narcissist and borderline personality trait disorder of Mr. A which resulted in such criminal act. Mr. A was found to have killed his wife and his 8 year old son with a sharp long bladed knife. The family background of ‘Mr. A’ revealed that they were he had an elder
other and a younger sister. He was born in a small rural town in the year 1951 in Northern Italy. When he was just 17 years of age his mother died at the age of 52 due to
ain cancer while his father at the age of 55 years. Before dying their mother asked her sister to take care of Mr. A. But, Mr. A grew with her grandmother. Her grandmother was strict and abusive. Thus, Mr. A from the hands of a loving and caring mother was taken care by a despotic, humiliating and punishing grandmother. This behaviour of her grandmother made Mr. A suffer a lot as he was unable to protest against aggressive her. Mr. A showed peculiar towards his studies during his schooling. He worked as manual labour, as a worker in a machine shop, in a cement factory, in distillery and recently as an assembly line in a factory. He was trying to improve his economical status by working in different places. He got ma
ied at the age of 30 with a 26 year old woman and had two children. He did not have any past police records or any records of drugs and alcohol. Neither had he had any records of aggressive or criminal behaviour before he murdered his second wife who was a stripper in a bar at the age of 40. Later during his clinical trial after been prosecuted for murder of his second wife and his younger son it was found he shown ambiguous and abnormal behaviour against women. His second wife was 21 years old and used to dance and work as a stripper in a bar in which he used to visit frequently. They fell in love and divorced his first wife with whom he had two children. His second wife was from Poland and wanted to return back to her country to which Mr. A objected. There was altercation with between Mr. A and his second wife. This qua
el resulted in the murder of his second wife with a sharp long knife and throwing her body in a ditch far near an isolated country road in Italy. The doctor autopsy stated that Mr. A sta
ed her second with a sharp object 48 times. Then he stayed in nea
y hotels for a week and didn’t contact with any of his relatives. He then took his two to a restaurant and asked his elder son to remain there for sometime while he will attend a birthday party with his younger son who was only 8 years old. He later killed his eight year old son with a sharp knife 42 times as per the autopsy conducted by the doctors. Later when his ex-wife enquired about his son and no responses were received, she reported the incident to the police. Thus, the two bodies were discovered near the same place where Mr. A killed his second wife. Mr. A was a
ested on charges of murder and was imprisoned for 10 years. For the past 10 years the doctors of Forensic Psychiatric hospital at Castiglione delle Stiviere, in northern Italy analysed his mental condition of Mr. A and found he was suffering from narcissism with superimposed borderline disorder.
Traits and States
The trait of narcissism is reflected through a person’s extreme propensity towards self-centeredness. His charter reflects vanity, superiority over other, uncontrolled aspiration and show-off. They show extreme dependency towards others. They lack self-confidence as they think of themselves to be mediocre. It actually depicts dual...

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