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Instructions: The purpose of this project is to apply the concepts and theories in the unit to the analysis of leadership of a well- known leader. Select any type of leader for whom there is...

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The purpose of this project is to apply the concepts and theories in the unit to the analysis of leadership of a well- known leader.

Select any type of leader for whom there is sufficient information to provide a good analysis of leadership processes and outcomes. Examples include political leaders, military leaders, business executives, religious leaders, sports coaches, and leaders of social movements.

You must read at least three separate sources (biographies and articles) that provide enough detail to identify specific traits and skills, behaviors, influence processes, and relevant aspects of the situation. The most useful type of source is a biographical account of the leader’s activities and accomplishments.

A minimum requirement of the assignment is to identify specific leadership behaviors and refer to relevant leadership theories to explain why the behaviors were appropriate or inappropriate in the situation faced by the leader. Even better is to identify reasons why the person’s leadership was successful enough to make them famous. Both the strengths and weaknesses of ‘your’ leader should be identified. Issues of ethics in leadership should also be considered.

It is helpful to use quotes and detailed descriptions of selected incidents to support conclusions about the leader’s behavior and influence on followers. The source for any quotes or factual details should be clearly cited. It is essential to describe incidents involving effective or ineffective behavior by the leader to support your analysis.


Other relevant sources may include: an autobiographical account or memoirs written by the leader, a detailed, analytical article written by someone besides the leader, filmed biographies or documentaries about the leader, and dramatized accounts of significant events involving the leader.

All sources should be clearly cited in the paper.

Leader is Jack Ma, thefounderof Alibaba.

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Dr. Vidhya answered on Apr 29 2020
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Leadership skills are at times inherent in the personality of people; however, they can also be acquired by great efforts. The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, is one of such leaders who have groomed their skills of confronting the challenging situations in life and become a successful leader towards the end. Jack’s story of becoming a leader of one of largest selling online portal is no less than a fairy tale. He could avail the native resources to make sure that the growth and success of his company was the best in its segment. What makes him a great leader is to learn from the failures and constantly innovate about the business that one is interested in. His life is all about struggles and getting success with hard work.
At first, it is important to note that Jack was born in a middle class family; his parents were simple musicians and there were he had two siblings in the family. China was going through the phase of isolation in those days; it was the period when emergence of communism was felt in the Chinese provinces. Being a man of 1970 decade, Jack saw that China was having an indifferent behavior from the Western world. None was showing interest in terms of having investments in China as a great nation. Moreover, the limited sources of income of his own parents had given him no opportunity to think big. However, he learnt from his failures a lot because he failed in primary and middle schools; he also got failing results in...

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