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Instructions The key task is to write up your own personalised Strategic Leadership Plan based on your learning Discussion Theessentialcharacteristicsofagoodleader(250words) This section is...

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The key task is to write up your own personalised Strategic Leadership Plan based on your learning


  1. Theessentialcharacteristicsofagoodleader(250words)

    This section is descriptive and should explain what you see as the key characteristics of an excellent leader in your field of business. This section needs in-text referencing to tell the reader where your ideas and/or words come from.

  2. Analysisofleadershipstrengthsandweaknesses(800words)
    This section involves an analysis of your leadership strengths and weaknesses. Here you describe your THREE BEST Leadership skills or strengths, as well as THREE Leadership skills you will DEVELOP in future.

    This section is reflective and personal, so you can use ‘I’. The section is based on your journal, in which you were asked to ‘follow a process to improve self-awareness and capture what you determine to be the key aspects of Leadership required to manage and implement change’.

    In this section you need to demonstrate critical thinking. You need to say how you identified your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. To do this you need to consider what you have learned in this unit about the qualities needed for leadership, for being a strategic leader and a leader of change. You need to reference everything here.

3. Plan for developing leadership skills (1000 words)
This section is your forward plan and should be expressed using ‘I’. It is the most important part

of your assignment. Be specific about your intentions. You should include the following:

  • A decade from now I see myself as being ... [position in company / job / company owner etc] in ... [Country]

  • To achieve this I need to ....

  • Along the way I see myself being in the following jobs .........

  • When I achieve my greatest job the legacy I will leave to the world will be my ..............?

    References (APA): 10 Academic journal references minimum.

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Strategic Leadership Plan
Student name
    The concept of leadership has been defined and redefined by various scholars across disciplines. It is important to study and examine the meaning attributed in the realm of existing literature. Some of these definitions are as follows:
“Leadership is the art of influencing others to their maximum performance to accomplish any task, objective or project” (Cohen, 1990, p. 9).
“Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations” (Kouzes & Posner, 1995, p.30).
“Leadership is not necessarily linked to authority. It is about mobilising people to tackle the toughest problems and to do their best work” (Gordon. nd).
Essential Characteristics of a Good Leade
    To work with people from different backgrounds in this fast-changing world would mean that the responsibility of a leader should be earned day in and day out. Possessing certain characteristic to be a good leader is crucial as it responsibility entails the leader to be a navigator, communicator, mentor, learner, builder and motivator (Kashfi, 2007). These includes a high standard of personal ethics, high energy, the ability to work priorities, courage, committed and dedicated hard working, goal oriented, inspired enthusiasm, level-headed or stay cool under pressure, and have a desire to help others (Cox, 1996). A leader should also be emotionally intelligent, which is vital and has been considered more essential than the intelligent quotient (Gordon, nd.). Having mentioned that, cognitive ability is also an expected trait in a leader (Mothilal, 2010). Self confidence in a leader is important so as to have a strong integrity of himself or herself while also building others’ self-esteem (Vojta. nd.). As Peter Drucker stated, “management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things” (cited in Vojta. nd.). In order to do the “right” thing, interaction with others is must. To be able to motivate others and direct while listening, strategizing, and directing effectively. Qualities such as humility, perseverance, courage, accountability, integrity, creativity, and maintaining well-being is essential (Kashfi, 2007). In addition, a leader should be an effective communicator, passionate and trustworthy (Ricke, nd.). Respect for another, disciplined, sincere, give due credit have also been added by Horton (nd.). A good leader will not only produce great teams and
ing success to the work undertaken but also produce great leaders.
Analysis of Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
    Every leader, just as the subordinates have certain appealing characteristics as well as those that needs improvement. However, as a leader, the team members most look up to and rely on me in comparison to themselves amongst the members. There is a lot of responsibility and liability to shoulder. Personally I have realised and know my own strengths and skills that I possess as a leader. To name three, these would include passion which has been mentioned by Ricke (nd.); I am clearly goal-oriented and passionate about reaching the goal as I take into account the possible end from the beginning. I am enthusiastic and earnest to acquire good results and I say that I possess this because there have been instances when the work tend to stray from the goal, particularly when emotions of my subordinates and my clients are involved. However, I am able to direct my work and the work delegated to my subordinates keeping in mind the end game. However, always focusing on the goal is not very effective in building a good team. Therefore, the second strength of mine relatable to the first is emotional effectiveness which is...

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