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Instructions: For this assignment, the objective is to identify the essential resources and features provided by a catering operation. Each student is to analyze three (3) different catering...

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Instructions:For this assignment, the objective is to identify the essential resources and features provided by a catering operation. Each student is to analyze three (3) different catering companies.

You are to search the internet or visit the operations to explore the dynamics of each company. You are to examine the companies’ style of service, mission statement, menu, social media, and service deliveries.

  1. What is the mission statement? How would you interpret the mission in your own words? What are the differences and similarities found in the message of each caterer?
  2. How would you describe the style of service for individual companies?
  3. What are the different types of menus offered? (i.e. there are traditional and specialty menus, you should list them)
  4. What features offered on a specific menu associated with the menu type? Are there specific menus directed to particular events and/or clientele? (i.e. features include demographics, themes, food items, time of year or day, packages, etc.)
  5. What social media sites does the catering company use for marketing? What information do the sites share about the catering company, relative to the types of events, menu served, and means to accommodate its clientele?
  6. In your opinion, how would you rate the catering company – listing in order of most preferred to least preferred for hiring the company - for your own event needs? Explain your reasons.
  7. Are there sustainable business practices offered by the catering companies that would influence a customer’s selection to the catering company? Share four (4) ways to how these sustainable practices benefit the company and the environment.

Important note:This will be delivered in a discussion board; each student is to write and post a statement addressing the questions above. After each student post an initial response to the discussion, you are to read and respond to at least two (2) classmates' statements posted - offering reflections and feedback to their comments as a contributing post.

When responding to the above questions and commenting on classmates’ responses, consider the essentials to what the catering menu offers the client and how the menu supports the longevity of a catering operation’s existence.

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Sudipta answered on Jun 13 2021
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1. Mission statement refers to a formal statement through which a company will disclose their primary aim, value that they will be delivering and segmented customers. While interpreting a mission statement of any company, I will check whether these three components have been met through the statement or not. Moreover, I will check how specific each area is defined. While comparing mission statement of selected catering companies, the major similarity in their message is that they deliver most promising service to their targeted customer. Some are more focused with customer satisfaction and some are dedicated towards offering innovative menu, this is the major dissimilarity found in the mission statements.
2. ‘Nosh catering’ is very much focused with ‘Silver service style of serving food. ‘Big Flavours’ is offer both buffet service and pre-plated service. Catering project’s service style is very much related to pre-plated service, family service and buffet service depending on the occasion.
3. Types of menu offered by Nosh Catering are ‘Wedding & Formal’, ‘Cocktail & stand-up’, ‘Casual dining’ and more (, 2020). Sit-down menu, corporate menu, buffet menu and delivery...

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