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Topics – Motivation Attitudes & Job Satisfaction Case – Rebecca and Michelle Wilson Catholic Homes Employees and Managers Issue – 1 – How could family issue of Rebecca affect her work motivation and...

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The case
Villa Maria was a not-for-profit organisation which provides charitable services, such as age care and disability services, within Victoria, Australia. It also had partnerships with some other charities, like Catholic Homes, which were located in Melbourne.
The funds used for those charitable activities of Villa Maria are managed by the Accounting department, and the team leader was Michelle Wilson, a British lady who had stayed more than 20 years in Australia. Apart from supervising the Accounting team, Michelle Wilson also needed to communicate and cooperate with higher level managers and other departments. In the Accounting department, there were four team members, none of whom were Australian local. Ruzhao, in charge of account payable, was a Chinese man who is an introvert, but he had a good relationship with Michelle. Another member in the team who did account receivable was an Asian lady called Rebecca. She was hard-working, but sometimes struggled by the work-life balance because of her daughter.
The daily tasks of the Accounting team were to deal with tax invoices and transactions for Villa Maria. One day, Rebecca’s daughter was sick, but Rebecca and her husband were too busy working to take care of their daughter, so that they had to hire a midwife, which costed 200 dollars per day and that was equivalent to the daily salary of Rebecca. Because of this, Rebecca talked to Michelle about the possibility of changing her working schedule. As a part of Ruzhao’s task, after recording the monthly transactions, he had to provide those to John, a Chinese man who worked in the Finance department, so that John could contact the National Australia Bank (NAB). Ruzhao and John came to Villa Maria at the same time. While John enjoyed socialising with colleagues from all departments, Ruzhao rarely talk to someone who was not familiar with, especially those from different cultures. John had the opportunity to take more responsibilities, whereas Ruzhao had never been promoted because of his skills and personality. This jealousy had affected the relationship between Ruzhao and John, as well as their work, more or less.
In order to integrate the resources and improve working efficiency, Villa Maria and Catholic Homes decided to combine from 1 July 2015, and the new organisation would be called Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH). From the early May in 2015, as a transitional measure of the combination, all employees of Villa Maria and Catholic Homes started to work together. This combination might affect some positions in both parties, and many employees wo
ied about their job security. The executive mangers noticed this and therefore told everyone that there should be nothing to panic, as all employees were on the same boat. However, a few Catholic Homes employees were still afraid of losing jobs, and they pointed out that even if everyone was ‘on the same boat’, they might be the ‘refugees’. By contrast, because the popularity and size of Villa Maria was much greater than those of Catholic Homes, the staff members in Villa Maria generally wo
ied less about the combination, just like that if Australia and New Zealand combined to one country called ‘Australia and New Zealand’, Australia would still play a dominant role.
Organisational Behaviour Assignment Task
Topics – Motivation
XXXXXXXXXXAttitudes & Job Satisfaction
Case – Rebecca and Michelle Wilson
Catholic Homes Employees and Managers
Issue – 1 – How could family issue of Rebecca affect her work motivation and Job satisfaction?
Recommendation 1 – what could Michelle Wilson do about this?
Issue 2 – How could the combination between Villa Maria and Catholic Homes affect the motivation and work attitude of employees?
Recommendation – 2 What could the managers do about this?
Instructions – Assignment Criteria and Guidelines
Reference – At least 3 Academic journals
Word count – 700 words
Please apply relevant theory from the topics above
Referencing required Harvard style including citation on paragraphs.
The unit is called Organisational Behaviour.
Pls follow the assignment guidelines thoroughly. Pls see next page
Assignment deadline is this Friday 29th Sep 12 noon.
pls contact me of you have any questions.
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David answered on Nov 25 2019
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Case analysis
Issue 1: Impact of family issue of Rebecca on work motivation and job satisfaction
The case study evidenced that Rebecca was working as team member handling account receivables at a not-for-profit organisation named Villa Maria. The organisation involved in providing charitable services such as aged care and disability services within Victoria, Australia. For providing charitable activities, there was a team having four members handling and managing funds for charitable activities. Rebecca was a member in the team handling account receivable at Villa Maria. She was considered as a hard working team member but often face difficulty in establishing work-life balance (Hafiza & Shah, 2011). On family front, Rebecca was having one daughter and her daily take care appeared a difficult task because Rebecca and her husband were too busy and strict working schedule. It led Rebecca in hiring a midwife at cost of 200 dollars per day, equivalent to her daily salary, therefore talked to Michelle for changing working schedule.
The family issue of taking proper care of child is believed as having strong impact on work motivation and satisfaction level of Rebecca. The impact can be analysed with the help of Herzberg two factor theory of motivation. As per this theory, there are two factors-motivator factors and hygiene factors influencing motivation and job satisfaction aspect of an employee. The motivators include factors encouraging employees for working harder as working environment, career development, opportunities, etc while hygiene factors include salary, company policies, interpersonal relations with workers, etc. For Rebecca, there is absence of both motivators and hygiene factors as she is facing...

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