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In this five-paragraph paper, you will apply 3 key concepts. You will also have 2 other paragraphs: an introduction with a thesis and a concluding paragraph. For each concept and definition provided...

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In this five-paragraph paper, you will apply 3 key concepts. You will also have 2 other paragraphs: an introduction with a thesis and a concluding paragraph.

For each concept and definition provided below describe a news story, music (song or video), poetry, film, etc., you think demonstrates each concept. You must USE YOUR OWN WORDS here. The only quotations will be those absolutely necessary to the example, and they must have quotation marks around them.

Patriarchy is a system of the distribution of power which excludes all but adult men. In the US, power is held primarily by men, and when you turn on C-Span, you see it clearly. Men are given power; men take power – men therefore hold onto power. When women are given or take power, they are stand-outs and they must mitigate the effect that being a power-holder has on their perceived femininity. Ambitious, strong women are denounced as “bitches,” whereas there is no negative corollary for men who are ambitious and strong. Research reveals that, as women's power increases, their likeability decreases – the opposite for men (Lean In). Many women choose to be likeable rather than powerful, but it's an unfair choice that results from patriarchy.

But, besides Congress, you can also see it in the home and in the workplace.

Who makes the big decisions in our lives? If it’s not at least shared decision making, in most cases, then it’s patriarchal -- and can be as boring as CSPAN!

GREATER MALE VARIABILITY HYPOTHESIS -- This idea was disproven when new research showed that there is NO real difference in the aptitude or performance between boys and girls – WHEN the girls are encouraged as much as boys are to enjoy and work at math. So, if like me you are female and claim that you just aren't good at math, what we really mean is that we haven't put in the time to get good at it. And, to be generous to ourselves, we might say that the culture discouraged us from spending time getting good at math. This matter because women are underrepresented in the lucrative and rewarding fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). When asked to explain this problem at his school, then Harvard President Summers expressed his belief in the dis-proven Greater Male Variability Hypothesis, when he claimed that women's lack of interest in STEM careers as a result of their BIOLOGY. We know that this is the result of CULTURE.

OBJECTIFICATION Women are often seen as objects, not people – there for the pleasure of men's viewing.

In music videos and ads, we see women aligned with cars, cigars, “Benjamins,” champagne, bling, etc. – just one of the many things “WE” (androcentric society) use...

And, if we reverse it, we see how rare and odd it would seem:

there are so few male strippers they have their own name, "The Chippendales".

While every major city has tons of strip clubs with women dancing; even cities without an orchestra, baseball team, or medical school -- ALL have strip clubs. This does seem to be changing a bit, in advertising especially (For example, the Axe Body spray “Hot Bod” campaign).

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Last Name:    2
Title: Essay
Introduction    3
Patriarchy, Greater Male Variability Hypothesis and Objectification    3
Conclusion    4
Work Cited    5
Social concepts and difference exists in every society and U.S is no exception. This paper would discuss three social concepts patriarchy, objectification and greater male variability hypothesis. Efforts would be made to present certain examples of news stories, music, poetry or films with respect to the prior presented concepts and ‘this paper considers that media promotes these concepts more than the society’.
Patriarchy, Greater Male Variability Hypothesis and Objectification
‘Most Girls’, by Hailee Steinfeld with more than 225 million views and 1.9 million likes on YouTube is one of the most prominent song able to cleverly call out the patriarchy. The popular football player leans against the bookworm girl and calls her different
ings out the patriarchy from the society, as supported by Benstead, where girls in conservative clothing are regarded as nice by the boys while girls in scant gym shorts are scants or whores. Likewise, this song also calls out that women that like to dress as...

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