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In this discussion, you are required to post a minimum of three opposing viewpoints to your topic’s main argument, along with a rebuttal for each. · Your initial post must be posted no later...

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In this discussion, you are required to post a minimum of three opposing viewpoints to your topic’s main argument, along with a rebuttal for each. 
· Your initial post must be posted no later than midnight Thursday.
· Likewise, you won't receive credit if you don't respond to two of your classmates' posts. Your two peer reviews must be posted no later than midnight Sunday.
 Now that you have drafted your research paper and have taken your first steps in persuading your audience as to why they should agree with your viewpoint, consider the other side of your argument. Remember in Unit 1 when you discussed that your topic had two easily identifiable sides or viewpoints? Consider those opposing viewpoints now.
· Who would disagree with you and why?
· In a debate regarding your topic, what do you think those people would say to you as a way to convince you that your viewpoint is not the strongest one?
Requirements for Your Initial Post
In your initial post, you should identify and explain at least three (3) of these opposing viewpoints.
Include the following in your initial post:
· Use outside sources and research to support their views and remember to cite all research you use with internal citations and References in APA format!
· Consider what your rebuttals would be. Rebuttals are our response(s) to the opposing viewpoints. Despite what the opposing view is saying, why do you believe that your argument is still the stronger viewpoint and more valid as an argument?
· Your rebuttals should also be based on factual information that you can gain from research, along with your own ideas and analysis regarding your topic. You should have one (1) for each opposing viewpoint that you have identified.
This is not a formal essay, but it is still a piece of writing that represents you. Please remember to use appropriate sentence structure, grammar, usage, and mechanics.
· No slang, standard capitalizations, and no "text-speak" (that is, only standard a
· Using first person (pronouns I, me, and my) is acceptable for this assignment.
· Think about how you can attract the attention of your audience and make it easy for them to understand your message.
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Running Head: Influence of Social Media        1
Influence of Social Media         
Influence of Social Media
    With rapid evolutions in technology and advent of digitisation, social media platforms have been gaining immense popularity and have become an essential part of our lives. Though there are a number of benefits that social media has been providing and has been influencing people in a positive manner, some researchers and scholars oppose this view. As mentioned in the work of Singh, Amiri and Sa
arwal (2017), excessive use of social media platforms gas hampered the thinking ability of the youth. However, I believe that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are providing the youth with an opportunity to think critically about a number of subjects and take into consideration a variety perspectives before coming to a conclusion. This has been providing the youth with an opportunity to share their viewpoint on a variety of topics.
    Another negative aspect of using social media platforms has been highlighted in the work of Radovic, Gmelin, Stein and Miller (2017), they have mentioned that uncontrolled usage of social media platforms has been preventing...

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