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In answering the questions, you may draw on your notes, the handouts, and any videos or readings we’ve done. But you MUST answer the questions in YOUR OWN WORDS. You cannot simply quote from the handouts, videos, or any other source (including websites).

Your answers may be between one and four paragraphs per question.

1. Describe egalitarianism and libertarianism (recall that these are the two theories of distributive justice we discussed in class). Then describe the "Wilt Chamberlin" argument for libertarianism and against egalitarianism. Do you agree with that argument?

2. Describe the "experience machine"objection tothe view that happiness (or pleasure &positive feeling) is the only thing that is ultimatelygood. Do you agree with the objection - why or why not?

3. Whatis moral subjectivism? What is the primary challenge to moral subjectivismthat we discussed in class? Do you agree with this challenge?

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Taruna answered on Dec 16 2021
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Response One
The egalitarianism includes the pattern of
inging in equality of all classes through morally right actions. In fact, the supporters of this theory advocate for the need of having balanced viewpoints at ethical grounds with a view to harmonize the civilized society of human beings. Contrary to this ideology, libertarianism supports the individual trends, freedom of expression and thoughts as well as the rights of people over the properties that they have earned in life. The argument posed as Wilt Chamberlain is more of an offense and is inspired from the view of libertarianism. When the amount of 25 cents per seat is given to Wilt, it is more like showing the obsession of people towards his game. The right of selling the tickets of his home game is related to the organizers only. But to increase the numbers of visitors, his popularity is cashed by the organizers....

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