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Identify and describe a service program that is needed by a group within your community. Write a report that outlines how you would: -Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs. -Develop the...

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Identify and describe a service program that is needed by a group within your community.
Write a report that outlines how you would:
-Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs.
-Develop the program
-lmplement and monitor the program
-Evaluate the program.
Your report should adress all the content in this program snd must clearly relate the service program you have described. Do a thorough research and remember to properly site your resources XXXXXXXXXXwords)
This is a" Diploma in community services" and the module is 'Developing and implement service programs' Please can you write answers in dot point form and refrence properly (Tabeth)
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David answered on Nov 26 2019
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Developing and implement service programs
The service program required by a group within the community is titled as ‘providing integrated acute and long term care to people’. The service program is initiated and launched in lieu of increasing proportion of people facing difficulty in accessing health care services due to cost, time and other ba
iers. In community, there is a group requiring health care services but not in the condition of visiting nursing homes, affording medical expenses, and returning homes in good health conditions. This group includes lower income, old age and socially backward people. Through this service program, group is served through providing primary care development services, clinical facilities, home care development, etc. For initiating this service program, it is necessary to work in collaboration with health and social care providers for identifying needs, developing health care solutions, and offering services accordingly (Almgren, 2012).
It is worth mentioning that group here refers to treatment group or individuals seeking care and health services and are not in the position of affording the same. These individuals are searched and sourced in the community, and, a group is formed thereupon, in order to have target participants to be served. The overall purpose is to provide best possible health care services to group enabling them living a healthy and graceful life.
Engaging consumers in the service program
The ‘consumers’ for the service program includes old age people, socially backward and lower income group. It is necessary to involve and engage consumers in the service program for proving its worthiness and feasibility. At the outset, service program members would outline the benefits and positive implications that identified group members or ‘consumers’ would access through availing service program facilities and services (Healey & Evans, 2014). The benefits are stated in terms of assistance in living a healthy and graceful life i
espective of age, income and social status. There should be no ba
ier for living a healthy life and accessing required health care services. The service program is a resource entity strives for providing health care services and assistance to community group members and ensuring that they are positively benefitting on account of it. The service program is working on the principle of
inging difference in the present health care condition of community people without considering ba
ier of age, income and social factor (Healthcare Providers and Services: Company Overview of Agency for Integrated Care Pte. Ltd, 2017).
Second strategy of engaging ‘consumer’ in the service program is based on highlighting and emphasising fact that health care professionals enrolled in service program are backed up with strong experience, knowledge and degree courses. The leaders of service program regularly conducts training program for members to learn and develop required knowledge for approaching and targeting community members, manner of convincing them, gaining their confidence and support, offering services with personalised approach, etc. All these aspects should be highlighted as it develops trust among community group members that they would be in safe hands and service program members are dedicated for improving their health status (Lauffer, 2010).
Furthermore, community members would depict involvement in service program on having assurance that service program is monitored regularly by higher authorities. The provision of regular monitoring develops confidence among community members that service program members can’t play with their health conditions for their personal benefit and other purpose. There is strong check and monitoring of health services offered by service program members through regularly analysing changes in health status of community group members (Luce & Elixhauser, 2012). The provision of close monitoring and supervision is not only provisioned for skills and competencies of staff members, but also on the manner of delivering services. It is necessary to ascertain the extent to which service program members are providing healthcare services in personalised manner. The principle of ‘person centred therapy’ is the main notion of service program where staff members are instructed and guided for treating and valuing every community member as a human being with high dignity and respect. The age, income and other social factors should never be the judging factors in the process of delivering health care services to required ones. Rather, it should be believed that all individuals are on same pace...

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