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Microsoft Word - CPDA Assessment and Feedback form ignment Brief and Criteria Gregory % Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Gregory Assignment Brief (including Format)...

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Microsoft Word - CPDA Assessment and Feedback form
ignment    Brief    and    Criteria

Assignment Brief (including Format)
Course Learning Outcomes to be met through this Brief
Equipment/Facilities/Resources required
Estimated Hours for completion
Date of Return of Assignments
Course Leade
Assessment Criteria
1st (70+)
3rd (40-49)
Fail (30-39)
Serious Fail (-29)
Date posted
    Blank Page
    Course Name: Storytelling for Film & Television
    Course Code: CINE1109
    Due in: 04/05/18
    Brief: This is an individual assignment. Word count: 2,500 words.
Choose ONE film or TV production as a case study. Explore its storytelling in
elation to at least TWO other media / art forms.
These might include: painting, photography, theatre, dance, poetry, prose
fiction, music, installation art, etc.
Identify the genre/era/cinematic tradition of your case study and scenes.
Remember to consider the relevant areas in which visual
storytelling techniques may be displayed:
- Production Design
- Cinematography (camera/lighting)
- Actor performance and timing
- Sound/Music
- Editing
Format the essay in headed sections using visual illustrations to support you
arguments. Use Harvard referencing.
    Learning Outcomes:
1. Contextualize film and television visuals in relation to other visual artistic
media such as photography, art, music and dance.
3. Undertake academic research exploring the creative context of film and television in both text and image based areas.
    Equipment Facilities Resources: Li
ary resources (journals, articles, books, films) Box of Broadcasts.
    Hours: 35
    Assessment Task: Illustrated essay
    Weighting: 50
    Date of Return: 25/05/18
    Tutor Name: Alison Cross
    Category 1: Analysis
    Category 2: Research
    Category 3: Presentation
    Category 4:
    Category 5:
    First C4:
    First C2: Comprehensive
and detailed
esearch, showing
ability to
effectively use a
variety of sources
and to apply these in context.
    First C5:
    First C1: Well considered
analysis that
includes reference
to learning in class,
external examples
and perceptive,
critical discussion.
    First C3: Excellent
skills, clear use of
language and high
standard of
written English.
visuals that show
clear co
etween image
and issue,
supported in the
text. Harvard
eferencing of
oad range of
    2:1 C1: Analysis that shows interpolation of
learning through
class with
external examples,
making supported
    2:1 C2: Detailed research showing an ability to use a variety of sources, showing an ability to apply these in context.
    2:1 C3: Good
skills, few spelling
mistakes, good
standard of
written English.
Strong visuals
illustrating areas of
application and
approaches. Harvard referencing of
source material.
    2:1 C4:
    2:1 C5:
    2:2 C1: Some evidence of
engagement with
learning done in
classes and some reference to external examples. Evidence of some critical engagement.
    2:2 C2: Research indicating an understanding of research concepts, if sometimes not following through sources with appropriate application
    2:2 C3: Adequate level of writing skills and presentation shown. Some visuals that illustrate aspects of application and ways of approaching the production. May lack a sense of understanding or direct co
elation between image and idea. Some evidence of Harvard referencing of sources.
    2:2 C4:
    2:2 C5:
    Third C1: Limited evidence of engagement with class material and how this relates to external examples. Lack of critical engagement.
    Third C2: Some research evident, but with little co
elation to the production or limited critical understanding.
    Third C3: Readable work that expresses basic understanding of presentation of written material. Few visuals that are relevant or indicate an understanding of practice. Referencing is inconsistent and limited in scope.
    Third C4:
    Third C5:
    Fail C1: Insufficient evidence of engagement with class activities. Inability to relate or class material to external examples. Absence of a critical voice, justified thoughts or conclusions.
    Fail C2: Little or no research evident, or i
elevant to the production, with poor critical understanding.
    Fail C3: Poorly expressed, with few sources. Few or no visuals that indicate the link to practical work or that illustrate the text. Poor referencing, work uncited or paraphrased without acknowledgement.
    Fail C4:
    Fail C5:
    Serious Fail C1: No evidence of engagement with class activities or critical thought.
    Serious Fail C2: No indication of research or critical understanding.
    Serious Fail C3: Incoherent reading, poor or no visuals that are relevant. No referencing or sources cited.
    Serious Fail C4:
    Date of Brief Publication: September 2017
    Serious Fail C5:
Answered Same Day Apr 28, 2020 CINE1109


Dr. Vidhya answered on May 03 2020
134 Votes
    An Analysis of Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Son of a Mask and ode to Nightingale
Comic genres, either in writing or in visual entertainment world, are often subjected to open criticism because they present the serious issues of society in funny manner. In most of the comic situations, readers and audience both find that there is something to laugh at because it is something that they cannot afford to see in seriousness. Fresh Prince of Bel Air is sitcom of 1990s, a TV series that have questioned the identity of Black Community, Ghetto culture along with rap music that was emerging in that last decade of 20th century. The TV series stands identical with the movie like Son of a Mask in its comic genre—mostly people do not see such hypothetical situations happening in home or at public places, however, they still connect with it because they find pleasure in comic situation.
The Story of Fresh Prince: Escape from Reality
    At first, it is important to note in this context that Fresh Prince of Bel Air is the story of a teenager—played by Will Smith—who is eventually sent to live with his so called queer aunt and snooty cousins because he ends up fighting with locals when he was living with his parents. The series is produced by NBC which is known for making another hit like this one after the show completed its 148 episodes which is evident enough that the popularity of the show was massive. It lasted for six years and successfully maintained top TRP in the TV shows’ list of that era. In terms of looking back at the time of 1990s, the teenage culture was undergoing the changes which were transitive in terms of their cultural understanding of the world; the line of distinction between the Whites and Blacks was practiced in the society though on the surface, it was claimed to be abolished by law.
    Will Smith plays the character of a young boy who is in the process of learning the ways of the world. It leads him to go forward and do something that is annoying to public community of his local town. The fight is motivated by the friends and obviously, Will takes it for his pride. As a young boy, the teenager of 15, he is unable to understand that this public conflict would lead him nowhere; his parents cannot take up this
awl and have to retrieve because of the pressure of the adjacent neighborhood.
Moreover, Will is their only child and they would do anything for his survival. The journey of escape begins from this point onwards. He has to be somewhere else to have a secured life and promising future ahead; Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, wishes to be a rapper sometime in future because he is tempted by the lifestyles of the contemporary rappers. It motivates him to see that the Black people are promoting Ghetto culture through rapping and he simply wants to participate in his process equally. Unfortunately, the
awl at the local forces him to take U turn in life because he is forcefully sent to live with Banks family. Thus, he escapes from the local su
oundings—a point that can be noted here is that he prefers to be a part of the local world but, he ca
ies forward the culture of the local town with him when he goes to live with Bans family. It seems a complete escape, a transition of the protagonist from his native place to an alienated environment where is does not fit at all either in cultural or in social norms.
The Cultural Alienation
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air points out the cultural and social disadvantages of migrating from one place to another—though in the modern context, the term ‘migration’ does not sound suitable but still it exist and functions. Smith shows great potential or future artists and gives life to the character of teenage boy. It is also noticeable here that the reel life teenager is inspired from the real life of Will Smith. It might be one of reasons to caste him for the character of Prince as well. He behaves and acts like someone who is completely misfit in the environment and culture of the Banks family. He shows the attributes of a genuine follower of ghetto and someone who is from the downtown area. He has led a...

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