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1. A medical products sales manager discovers that one of the products his/her sales force represents is potentially going to be pulled from the market by the Federal Food and Drug Administration...

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1. A medical products sales manager discovers that one of the products his/her sales force
epresents is potentially going to be pulled from the market by the Federal Food and Drug
Administration (FDA), yet no formal order to cease and desist in the support of this
product has been given by his company and/or the FDA. Apply your knowledge of ethics
and make recommendations about the decision (now) that the sales manager should enact
(if any).
2. A. Ethical standards are put in place to guide manufacturing companies from producing
products that can pose risk to the consumer. Without these ethical standards, the
manufacturing companies will have the freedom of manufacturing any product regardless
of health and safety threat that the products may pose to the consumer in the short-term or
The sales manager must stop promoting the product in order not to have too many of the
product on the market and potentially cause harm to consumers before the actual recall is in
effect. In addition to the potential harm to consumers, stopping the promotion of the product in
anticipation of the recall makes the recall less expensive to the manufacturer and reduces the risk
of the consumer loosing trust in any other product from the same manufacturer.
B. As a medical products sale manager, one must abide to a certain code of conduct.
From a business stand point having the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pull a
product off the market is frightening. However, the sale manger must stand by certain ethics and
morals. He must decide of whether this product might be hazardous to consumers. If that is the
case the moral thing to do would be to pull the product off the market. The sale manger should

contact his sales force and the FDA and understand what is going to happen with the stance of
this product. Not only will the business have a reputation of staying clean and always on top of
issues. It will also save the business from a lot of problems, such as if this product proves to be
dangerous and it’s still on shelves. This will lead to problems no business wants to encounter.
Therefore, all forces should come together and investigate further on the nature of this product.
What is inside this product that makes it dangerous? Once again, if the product might harm
consumers than, the medical products sale manager, the sales force and FDA should make formal
order to cease and desist the product off the market.
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Soumi answered on Apr 07 2020
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Threaded Discussion 1.
    The provided information about the product indicates that the product is not going to stay in the market for a long time as per the decisions of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, since no formal instructions have been provided to the manufacturing company of this product, therefore, it is highly feasible for the medical products sales manager to send a written application to the FDA, seeking a final verdict on the continuation of production of the mentioned medical product. As mentioned by Junod, if the manufacturing process of a product is ethical, the sales manager is also liable to appeal in its favor for its continued production.
Threaded Discussion 2A.
    The provided opinion on the controlled promotion of unrecalled...

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